go which lives which is an online platform for house rent, the first version of PC products will be launched at the end of July. The platform is mainly for small apartment and vocational principal brand online marketing and the cloud services, housing management system to provide real properties to tenants, users only need to register can be online to find high-quality, real rental information, the future will also operates on micro letter, App.

since the beginning of 15 had the idea, go which live which founder Sun Hao began to do planning for the project, the final departure from mushroom apartment in June began to devote a startup. When it comes to create the purpose of the project, Sun Hao tell hunting cloud network, which is derived from its own experience. Sun Hao itself is a tenant, graduated in 2010 has been moved up to 10 times, houses, accommodation, or rent, community public house all experienced, deeply to rent the helpless. Its findings in the rental of the pain, hard to find true availability, cost-effective it more difficult to find a house, be intermediary black, 58 false black intermediary market, too much. After “difficult to rent”, Sun Hao and his team was seized with the idea of entrepreneurship, think for yourself and all the cities of the tenants with rental demand are doing something meaningful.

today, big and small platform that rent a house in nature, but there is a common problem is “online guest cost is larger, offline experience poor service”. According to hunt cloud network know, currently online guest mainly by “on baidu bid”, but the problem comes, namely the competition increase, rising cost, and the shortage of professional companies bidding lead to soaring cost price. About offline, fair and 58 the basic housing information posted on the information platform from the mediation, difficult to guarantee the offline to see the quality of service in the front, during and after.

to solve above problems, Sun Hao tell hunting cloud network, I removed the lives which team has senior pr team as a consultant, will be adopted according to the actual demand of users real customised marketing solutions, not excessive consumption brand, and the current team members have experienced SEO practitioners, this will greatly reduce the which live which marketing costs; For apartment and vocational principal brand, because the user is the “food and clothing parents,” after the check-in can provide after-sales service for the user (regular cleaning and maintenance, etc.), at the same time, which lives which open online apartment and tenant two-way review function, let the user as well as the quality of their housing providers and services fully express in the perspective of the public.

for tenants, housing the authenticity of information and the housing quality is the focus. Information about housing, Sun Hao tell hunting cloud network, the platform houses from brand apartment and professional principal lodger, its registered rental will be subject to comprehensive review, which lived at the same time take field assessment, which will be released to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the information, Sun Hao said at the same time, the platform will also set up a blacklist mechanism in the future.

when it comes to the future development plan, Sun Hao said: “provides the high quality for the tenant housing is just the first step of our project, our vision has been included in the name of our project – ‘go live wherever, temporarily haven’t done that one step, just talk about the first step”.

the core of the product user groups for the graduates and enterprise white-collar, expect the rent in the range 1500-4000 yuan a month. Go which live which early mainly by service for merchants to provide profitable, later will be big data as a major point of profit.

go which live which belongs to Shanghai nine tail network technology co., LTD., the company was founded in March 2015, the current team less than 10 people, founder Sun Hao as a serial entrepreneur, nearly 10 years’ experience with a grassroots webmaster, mushroom apartment before site operations manager. In eight months, mushroom apartment source website orders from below 20%, to more than 60%. The project has not been financing, expects to receive 5 million yuan angel rounds of financing, mainly used in product research and development, operation promotion.