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today, fujian college students staging platform “festival in installment” founder Chen Endian told cloud network exclusive hunting, has won A xin in May swim capital of 12 million yuan. A round of funding. This round of funding will be used in new product research and development and expansion of the city.

founder and CEO Chen Endian after 90 is an entrepreneur, just graduated for 3 years, but he was feeling about in the market of colleges and universities entrepreneurship for several years. Sophomore year period of setting up culture communication company, to undertake all of fuzhou university city college activities. During the junior year contract for the whole university credit card issuing bank business, accumulated a lot of students during the period of the consumer understanding and the understanding. When senior year in 2012 created the grand stage, at present there are about 60 people team.

grand stage at present main business is to college students the stages of the product demand purchasing service. Than the other has good development and attain competing goods wholesale funding, festival stages in search for differentiation strategy. “Through three years sales team on the ground have deposited a set of their own management system, and constantly optimize”, Chen Endian, according to the current festival stages covered every city has a team of 300 people, campus festival stages by 80% of the middle-level cadres during the period of school I joined awards outstanding college students after graduation to positive. In addition, the festival stages also combined with some local products, such as electric vehicles, driving and so on, do it in the further development of every city.

in Chen Endian view, strategy is to grab territory rather than setting flags. Therefore, in the management of the whole chain, on the market than most of the merchants or offline merchants delivery based on the third-party platform, festival stages has been sticking to unified purchase by the company, through the control of product quality, to provide consumers with quality assured products.

product risk control and bad debt rate has always been, being Chen Endian also revealed that the current festival stages of bad data rate is less than seven over one thousand, the treatment of bad debts eventually will use legal process. For the “white” Chen Endian, said in an interview, festival stages do not do white, has been focused on the consumer finance. Ious issued to enterprises, in his opinion, the risk is relatively large, the other side also can cause student’s relative to the student is not rational consumption.

festival stages mainly take id card, student card, third-party platform, emergency contact person to confirm and so on. When it comes to the customer on the question of how to ensure the authenticity of student confirmation, Chen Endian confident “we covered city every school has more than three of his own people, return afraid could not confirm whether the customer is he alumni?”

as college students team entrepreneurship, Chen Endian also said a lot of problems along the way: the early development, the education market is not ideal, many students don’t know don’t trust in the sector need to full market education; In the medium term, due to the college students’ identity founded the company, in the process of capital docking has experienced a long time, and grope in student teams also met on the management of problem, after the student sales team management mechanism, and achieved good effect. For the current problem, he said, at present the college students in installment industry presents the impetuous, not clear state, how to definite the development strategy of the grand stage plan, healthy and rapid development is worth thinking about.

boring stage founder amith jj has said publicly in hunting cloud network business class, the Internet in the financial sector to competition is intense, but bonus window is very short, most of the companies are now at a disadvantage to the user, to spend money to buy the market. For the college students’ stages of development, Chen Endian thinks, from the enterprise point of view, college students stage eventually than endurance, than risk control. Festival stages in this industry is the earliest start, but seems to be the night, through three years of precipitation has a full billing cycle to guide risk control. For students, college students stage enterprises to continuously improve the user experience, user awareness, through the multi-dimensional development of the enterprise to reduce to student’s selling price, and to cultivate students to strengthen the treasure of personal credit.

for the next step development plans, Chen Endian said they will finish 20 key cities in this year’s layout, make at least 5000 college students to join festival stages family. And other products are derived from the model on existing products, provide more extreme consumer finance experience for college students. In addition, the festival stages will focus on college market, new products are developing stage.

college students market hot in stages, the ultimate goal of various products are also different. Students team entrepreneurship festival stages have advantages also have disadvantage, backed in the fierce competition, how to speed up the pace of development is also crucial. IDG partner porch has publicly said that early stage product risk level is too low, it will be too like electricity, also not easy to high interest difference, which is why the IDG is not the cause of the college students in installment project. Therefore, how to balance between the two, in team operations, offline promotion, new product research and development aspects of rapid development, perhaps is a grand stage after obtaining this round of financing in the direction of the need to consider carefully.