(text/Liu Sijing)

with the improvement of consumption level, the public demand for food is not only limited to solve the problem of food and clothing, more is the pursuit of health and quality of fruit has always been the grand opera in health food. “Fruit fruit fun” is large the flow of electricity a focus on fruit sales O2O + B2C platform.

the brand trademark, logistics, supply of goods and packaging preparation, after the completion of fruit to fruit boring PC, small shops, taobao shop synchronous launch in May 2014. Fruit platform to fruit boring to turned into a “tall” products, so the audience is selected in the white-collar, jinling and other high-end consumption ability of urban community.

in the choice of the supply chain, fruit to select planting base of fruit interesting field region, terminal mining depth of origin with the supply chain. On the one hand, the cost control of the supply of goods; On the other hand, established the screening standard process, product quality and safety guaranteed. In order to avoid the backlog of inventory, fruit to fruit to B2C booking pattern: user after order shipped from country of origin, the whole logistics service tracking, ensure fruit distribution within 24-72 hours into the hands of the user.

is yantai large cherry fruit to fun the first fruits of fruit, then increase the yantai apple, laiyang pear, xinjiang fresh jujubes, gannan navel oranges, such as species, in the future also plans to increase the panzhihua kinds of fruits such as mango, PuJiang kiwi fruit of hearts.

in the electricity industry, fruit to fruit boring competitor has two kinds:

1. Vertical: such as “orchard” every day, a modern fruit based on Internet technology service provider, set up straight from the origin to the consumers for the platform, self-built cold storage, cold chain logistics. The main in the high-end fruit products, including import of fresh fruit and domestic high-quality fresh fruit.

2. Comprehensive, such as “no. 1 shop”, comprehensive B2C electrical contractor, “fresh” 1 module from fruit to vegetables, seafood, etc are sold.

electricity with vertical such as fruit, fruit to fruit, compared to boring day after day and orchard from positioning to product, to the user groups are distinct. Chen yongjun convective cloud network said: “big domestic do fruit sales of electricity section pay more attention to marketing concepts, and we pay more attention to the quality of the fruit itself, this is not only refers to our fruit from the country of origin, and we offer you from packing to practical gifts such as buy apple send fruit knife quality service.”

founder Chen yongjun is a serial entrepreneur, now the team a total of more than 30 people, is being expanded. In order to better for talent introduction, office will also be gradually moved to hangzhou from Qingdao.

at this stage, fruit to fruit of profit model is mainly composed of from the fruit in the process of replenish onr’s stock to delivery price difference and member value. In the future, after registered brand of brand value in the profit plan.

for the next phase of planning, Chen yongjun convective cloud network introduces five points:

1. To further improve the quality of service, such as product design and packaging and complimentary gift, etc.;

2. By the end of the opening of guangzhou, Beijing, xinjiang, yantai substation;

3. By the end of the fruit to the fruit fun App running;

4. Introduction of fruit deep processing industrial chain, by the high quality fruit as raw material to make a series of derivatives;

5. Increase the quality of origin of dried fruit, grain, vegetables here (weifang radish, zhangqiu green Chinese onion), fruit extends into the country of origin of origin from the fruit.

fruit to fruit boring millions of angel financing has been completed at the end of 2014. It is understood that A round of funding plans in the works.