science and technology media people born geek techweb, both science and technology and cultural qualities, nut shell with him once more has been worthy of our thinking and learning. Following the end of April, after the first generation of WiFi acoustics, and push the new product recently, according to soon there will be the third generation: GA1 flagship portable, for after 90; GP2 main household company, aiming at after 80; Hunting cloud network realized that the third generation of products in addition to the segment of the market, also will appear with the attitude of more intelligent.

GP2 flagship company

GP2 with minimal button to complete the single operation assembly instructions; Appearance of maximum present integration, without missing streamlined and beautiful, and the internal structure also needs both for quality assurance.

GP2 after 80 May be defined as the main target group, provided in “company name” background “life”, combining with the composition character of 80 after the family, the GP2 content covers children’s books, children’s education, quyi program of more than 3000 kinds of categories, as well as the scale of millions of music tracks.

GP2 WiFi based remote control function is also given after 80 is the most convenient operating experience, while accompanied by their parents, can also play lullaby to the baby to sleep in the bedroom, also can timely to reduce the volume to finally close the sound, through the exclusive App “GEAK Audio”.

in view of the present intelligent furniture appliances market have different standards of complicated situation, nut shell WiFi sound GP2 open ports, not only work with many vocal music content providers, and support DLNA, AirPlay, such as agreement, can use netease cloud music songs, QQ music player such as output.

, a few days ago. Hunting cloud network editor noticed, a limited edition of 399 yuan has been sold out.

compared with GA1 several big upgrade features:

1. Independent of CPU, intelligent and subsequent upgrade security.

2. GP2 USES a single power supply module, there is enough supply stability, strong current, fundamentally solve the problem of sound quality (Hi – Fi players can understand the importance of power for the sound quality).

3. Volume increase of + independent bass vibration membrane, body size, sheet thickness and density of the internal structure are made to upgrade, has better resonance resistance, low frequency output.

4. Four unit output power increase to 50 w, is 2 times of GA1, sufficient for any household environment.

5. Streamlined shape design, more vogue and norm of science and technology, in the future with more color choice, can match applies to a variety of usage scenarios.

more intelligent of the third generation product:

the third generation of products in the field of intelligent upgrade will become the inevitable: voice control, and mood control.

fruit shell CEO techweb also for the future for a period of time the WIFi intelligent sound market made the following three:

judge a: intelligent sound volume will be smaller, battery or into a standard

intelligent sound belong to the intelligent hardware of the mobile Internet era, convenient to carry it as a mobile hardware is important factors. In people regardless of quality, internal conditions, such as intelligent sound volume needs to be smaller, and the battery standard, make people under the condition of no current of 220 v, also can work normally. This is why we based on GA1 users and an online survey data of more than 30000 people.

judgment 2: return to nature, high quality to make intelligent acoustic characteristics

according to the speaker development prospects, according to a report in 2014 intelligent sound in the process of development, there was Internet users criticized intelligent stereo sound quality. Whether the product elements of intelligent sound sound more or ZhiNengDuo, as a sound product, first must have can obviously feel the excellent quality of experience, is the key to intelligent sound has been use for a long time. As a result, in 2015, calling for intelligent acoustic counterparts, intelligent audio products to return to nature, to use it as a high-quality sound, and then talk about intelligent degree.

determine three: layout smart home control center can suspend

as xunfei sound and little wisdom of vision, the era of mobile Internet portal, built on a large user base. If intelligent sound will become an important tool for control of smart home, must have a large user base, how to obtain large user base, and go back to the second point, convenient control, good quality, is the user has reason to long time using your basic reason. These are not the past, are the basic skills, not the point.

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