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cloud network hunting note: DeLong graduated from Kent state university and soon founded the first website, began his extraordinary entrepreneurial career. From working 16 hours a day, “one person” company to the board of directors of billionaire DeLong never stop on the entrepreneurial journey, continuously explore and surpass ourselves. The following article tells the story of DeLong to us over the years of entrepreneurial experience.

ViralNova is a media startups, similar to the Buzzfeed by Scott DeLong operation, at present has been digital media company Zealot Networks plan for $100 million in cash and stock purchase. DeLong and his website has a very interesting story behind it.

there is a period of time, is made up of DeLong and the operation of the two freelance writer “one person” company. Together they will scale and size of company scale operation to Buzzfeed, 100 million readers a month, the most surprising is the company not only have no full-time staff, funding and is not from the outside world.

DeLong created the site in mid – 2013, some of Google’s ads in every page. Within a short span of eight months, his website six-figure income every month, annual revenue up to millions of dollars.

ViralNova usually adopts the popular stories and catchy title, then these stories often can appear on Facebook. For example:

he looks like a normal lights, but when you stood looking up at the bottom: I le a go

this guy’s crazy idea to let his wife are not calm. But trust me, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

this is just behind Facebook grow entrepreneurship media is one of the cases. EliteDaily, Mic, Upworthy and Distractify basic founded at the same time, with the aid of articles on Facebook site extensive reading and forwarding, readers growth to millions per month.

although in the past year, Facebook closed virus website, at the same time, also reduced the amount of data for startup news media reprinted. These changes will undoubtedly destroyed part of ViralNova competitors, but also make the DeLong career hit. In 2014, he said in a Twitter message: on Facebook operation is just like McDonald’s, in the active volcanoes around the moment life was in danger. Accompany you like with tiger!

so far, ViralNova could end up with the industry’s most successful and companies. Recent EliteDaily for the price of around $50 million buyout by DailyMail; Mic continue to finance the millions of dollars, but Twitter is going to buy it. The most regret or Upworthy and Distractify, has almost disappeared in the industry.

he want to exit

ViralNova is not always the industry leader. At a certain point, DeLong seriously thought about to give up the idea. This is 32 people before Ohio also set up a website, and then sold. But he’s never worked in a mature, chief executive. He was the first successful business is to provide “halo 2” lovers network platform, to raise $500 a month from Google ads. At Kent state university after graduation, in his early 20 s DeLong is established by the site.

“it opened my eyes,” DeLong recalled, “I’m thinking, if I can earn $500 a month, so what I make 5000 dollars a month is not too difficult. There’s no limit to make money, and network platform is so big. I am a bliss!”

DeLong under a website founded on a much larger scale, more successful. He founded the GodVine, inspirational stories released a special website, on Facebook the proportion of women caused a lot of female readers such a high platform. But with the price of “change life” DeLong sold GodVine Salem Communications.

GodVine ViralNova originally do upgrade, it can be released without being limited by the traditional viral content. In Barcelona, DeLong founded ViralNova bored. After he moved back to Ohio, was surprised to find ViralNova development speed so fast.

in January 2014, the founding ViralNova eight months later, DeLong felt “a” of the company’s work pressure is too big. This site is WordPress shanzhai; Any DeLong ViralNova flow too much, trying to add components are likely to make website collapses. Although ViralNova DeLong have netted millions of dollars, he works 16 hours a day, even if is double cease day. He quickly running out of steam, hired an agent to explore suitable acquisition opportunities.

didn’t have a lot of bidders, but there are a lot of people want to invest in ViralNova. Silicon valley venture experts for millions of us dollars price will be ViralNova into industry, but was turned down by the DeLong.

then DeLong told the business insider: “I don’t want to take on the responsibility of hiring. I don’t want to have the office space. I just like to do their favorite thing to do. I hate the most pressure.”

as a result, a New York entrepreneur Sean Beckner trying to persuade DeLong to recognize the truth. Becker was investigated ViralNova beforehand, as well as know DeLong in January 2014 had sold ViralNova ideas. The deal allows DeLong kill two birds with one stone, not only can continue to develop business, at the same time can make DeLong continue to hold. After months of negotiations, the deal nailing on the plate.

Beckner became the chief executive of ViralNova, by Jeff Geurts as chief financial officer, Ryan Elledge served as vice President, Shaun Tilford, the chief technology officer, constitute three executive team. Tilford, DeLong custom content management system, team name for Nova, a series of social participation tools and data, including the test of two types of headlines and ability to pick out the best more headlines.

a freelance writer Sara Heddleston DeLong, became the managing editor of ViralNova, with 12 writer. Retail advertising sales team to better profit for ViralNova of more than 100 million page views per month. Nowadays, ViralNova 22 full-time employees, has earned $35 million this year. Company will probably move to California headquarters Zealot Media ‘s also.

although DeLong promises to stay in the board of directors, but in the end he needs space.

when asked if he still is now 16 hours a week, DeLong replied: “of course not now! I even have time to enjoy life now.”


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