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do social App seems to have to face such a choice: social do social acquaintances or strangers? Acquaintances social glue sex is strong, difficult to start. Stranger social gathering volume is easy, but the user easy to appear weak, the reason is not hard to find, stranger social and more entry point to “gun”, dating dating is given priority to, when a user’s year of curiosity and amid dispersed, the frequency of using the natural will be reduced. Cloud network hunting today this App – micro match, I would like to introduce to the user’s hobbies and interests as the breakthrough point, to help users find a kindred spirit and social, trying to solve the problem of stranger social weak easily.

founder Ceng Haijian tell hunting cloud network, without common characteristics, there is no common language between man and woman, and no common language, more can’t play together, this situation reflects a social nature: birds of a feather flock together birds of a feather flock together. People’s social behavior are tend to find and similar to their own people, micro match based on this principle, through the analysis of the behavior of users, mining, the characteristics of the users and the users with the same characteristics with matching together. Micro with iOS version launched in April this year, is now about 50000 users, android version is in development.

what kind? Share common features or similar behavior habits of people in order to call it, the micro with how to help users to match? Meet current micro distribution from three aspects:

1. The micro distribution will be based on user requirements and characteristics, search nearby conform to the requirements and have more common characteristics and interests. The same can be the same as you have running, watching movies, cafes and other common interests, also may be the same age, occupation, my hometown.

2. Micro match or a mass social unit, it will according to the state of the same kind of user information to a mass near to conform to the requirements of customers, so that users of selective will be more.

3. Micro match also open the position exchange, true, tag, photo stickers, such as communication, in the form of interesting activities, arouse the enthusiasm of the participation of users. The

Ceng Haijian said, users on social software for the length of time depends largely on the playability of the product and user’s presence. Micro match the user has the ability of similar mass between the side summon, and sender only know how many similar messages are received, very good to protect the privacy of the recipient, solve social engagement anonymous pain points of low, poor awareness of privacy protection. In addition, the micro match with each other in common cuts and social, to break the embarrassment between strangers, to some extent, strengthen the kindness and interaction between users, this is the general differences of anonymous social platform.

it is reported, such as match users achieve a certain number of micro, micro match team plans to profit from two aspects:

1. The member: by the user, after pay to become a member of the operational functions will be more perfect. Similar call, for example, has a higher strength, their own kind matching demand individuation, choose friends photo stickers, virtual gifts, etc.

2. Advertising: Ceng Haijian said the search process is interactive, the user for a search, can make contact between users, users and merchants. So the micro side also plans to establish relations of cooperation, and businesses with micro and label information according to user’s characteristics, to inspire a new advertising matches, near the group-sent message display advertising business activities. In addition, by the user in the “mass”, “match” and “exchange” produced in the process of user behavior, the characteristics of user, location, features, behavior modeling, for businesses with the ability to find potential customers nearby.

micro match team is now a total of four people, mainly in product development and operations. Founder Ceng Haijian from 05 started business, product design, development, the Internet platform operations have a lot of experience. Co-founder canopy in now for the first finance media company management center general manager, has the rich media management and team management experience.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, the match has started an angel round, plans to raise 5 million yuan, mainly used in the technology, operation team building, product development, marketing, etc.