July 22 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

domestic article:

baby tree won $300 million in financing, and by vertical cross-border electric business platform for the optimal product led, with many domestic famous investment institutions joint investment. The baby tree is a vertical mother-to-child website, users can be valuable experience to share here, get good parenting growth experience.

free WiFi operators together playing online $120 million B round of funding. Led by 360 company, haitong securities, zhongguancun industrial capital to vote.

tutor O2O crazy teacher $24 million B + round of financing, the investor as Kun feathered capital and share capital.

more beautiful APP for tens of millions of dollars to B round, d the capital led by the United States, sequoia capital and investment. More beautiful APP is a social and medical hairdressing services platform.

cloud print for 50 million yuan A round of funding. Cloud printing technology was founded in August 2013, take root in the commercial printing industry, construct the severe vertical O2O platform.

good won 46.8 million yuan in A foreign land, the pre – A round of funding, led by Leo shares. Good in a foreign land is a study in industrial services company.

Internet legal platform won net for tens of millions of RMB financing strategy, led by tecent, with capital and compound and investment. Won the network based on Internet and information technology, makes the business model of the vertical search + lawyer community, to provide users with online legal advice and other services.

Zero wallet

grade do A round of funding, venture investors are blue. Zero wallet focus to build a home automation services for financial small white wealth management platform.

seed gold dress grade must financing, investors and potential for the plum blossom angel capital. Seeds gold suit has geared to the needs of farmers “farmers staging” mall and Internet banking platform “seed money” two independent brands.

A few degrees Simplr won nearly ten million yuan, the Pre – A round of financing, the investor for the pine funds. Simplr is a hyper local campus social App based on identity authentication.

our brand small dolphin the hundreds of millions of yuan angel rounds of investment, investors for sky music stores. Little dolphin was set up four months the door early education brand, independent research and development of a series of contains music, language, movement, diverse education to special education classes.

51 offers two years to raise $50 million m

51 letter released within the offer: $50 million for two years. Respectively: in September 2013, chung king group ten million yuan of the Pre – A round of investment; In April 2014, silicon valley venture capital funds NEA millions of dollars in A round of investment; In February 2015, starr group led, NEA and B round of investment. Three times total financing amount of $50 million.
Was established in August 2013, 51 offer affiliated with Shanghai hui purple business consulting co., LTD., is a free application intelligence platform. It is reported, financing is mainly used to improve employees’ treatment, strengthen students’ welfare, expansion of the Internet and student talent, development and cooperation, strategic investment and expansion of study in the upstream and downstream of peripheral industry, etc.

the news aggregation is a unique application at $50 million in financing

a unique social reading application is for a new round of $50 million in financing. Sources said earlier this month, a unique financing is in progress. At present, a unique place in the file of Delaware revealed more information. On June 29, a unique authorization D round of funding for $50 million, sold for $2.2057 per share in 22668540 shares. Although this is just a stake sale authorization, but it seems a unique has made financing.

foreign article:

Medallia won $150 million in financing, the investor is sequoia capital. Medallia is a provide customer experience management software as a service (SaaS) start-ups, founded in 2001, headquartered in Palo Alto, the existing staff of 700 people.

3 d printing company Modern Meadow won $10 million in A round of investment, the investor for an investment. Modern Meadow is a start-up companies in the United States, the company can develop in the laboratory animal meat and leather.

WireX for $9.3 million, a new round of financing by the Vertex Venture Capital led, Magma Venture Capital and more individual investors to vote. WireX is network forensics company in Israel, for enterprise customers to provide faster and more effective network security solution.

Besomebody won $1 million in a new round of financing, Fred Tillman, led by Texas famous commercial construction enterprises, the base and other early and undisclosed angels. Besomebody is a platform to provide skills training in the United States.

Allstay for 500 million won ($432680) in the first round of financing, investors for Venture Republic, Japan Travel website Travel. The jp and South Korea TideSquare online Travel agencies. Allstay is a south Korean tourist service start-ups.

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