this seems like a very easy to solve the problem: the grocery store every day to waste a lot of food is about to expire, but at the same time millions of people are starving, why don’t relate the two? The mellow but to put a banana in a timely manner to the food soup kitchens for people to dine, its process is not as easy as you imagine. Britain’s biggest retailer, Tesco has to charity last year, also waste more than 100 million pounds of food.

Sweden’s a startup path, they will not is going to carry out the fruit, but dehydration and making them into powder, rich in nutrition can be washed with water or mix in yogurt and ice cream to eat, this is the product they are promoting FoPo.

is one of the founders of FoPo Kent Ngo, he said: “the fruit dehydration can extend shelf life from two weeks to two years.” This process can keep the original 30% to 80% of the nutritive value, but also to make the transportation more simple. This way, can the food is not only to a local soup kitchen, but can be sent to all over the world in the hungry.

ngos added: “in this way, we have reduced the demand for refrigerator. It is very important in developing countries, because there often power failure, don’t even have a refrigerator.

fruit as long as no bad are for dehydration. “As long as it is before the fruit broken that moment we can all take advantage of them.” , “he said.” we collect those considered out of fruits and vegetables, such as those of ripe, ugly, grotesque, color is not right, but in addition they taste no problem at all.” They to pick the fruit, any moldy or inedible will be thrown away.

this summer, the company established by Sweden’s lund university students will test their products in the Philippines. Due to bad storage and transport links, the Philippines has a lot of food is wasted. At the same time, the country is extremely need cheap food.

“a lot of people here do not have enough money to pay for the food a day.” Ngo said, “so we ask ourselves, in the world where the people most in need of cheap fruit powder?” Countries with the disasters often suffer from typhoon, earthquake and flood, the company believes in the disaster occurs, the powder is a kind of cheap and rich nutrition of humanitarian aid.

they are communicating with the local market and farm, collecting lemon, pineapple and mango, and to test the production process. Once confirmed the safety, they will to non-profit sell this product in the shop.

“, in fact, one third of the production of the world’s food is wasted and the food was enough to feed all of humanity.” Ngo said, “sometimes fruits are put to be thrown away is bad, or just because it is ugly, or too much food. We don’t tube what others do, but we can handle for other reasons fruit be thrown away.”


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