(text/Wang Dongguo)

focused on M6 is a special vehicle traveling data recorder, the difference between the conventional vehicle traveling data recorder records only vehicle traffic on the way of image and sound, it will be more willing to do a “will share the vehicle traveling data recorder”. A use frequency is low, the traditional DV unable to dock with the mobile Internet devices, through the application layer of the innovation, to become a “presence”, use frequency is high, can dock with the mobile Internet, have App active products, this is focused pat want to do.

focused on M6 monitored by huawei haisi industrial-grade chip solutions, and in view of the low illumination image processing was optimized. Cooperate with SONY Exmor CMOS Sensor and F1.8 lens aperture, high speed photograph image quality and night market effect is good.

supports MP4 format h. 264 encoding 1080 p @ 30 FPS full hd video camera, video ignition immediately after the launch cycle. Support 32 gb biggest Class10 TF card, 32 g card can record 1080 p video about 7 hours, card automatic cycle, after the expiration of the latest 3 minutes video automatically to cover the old video. And video resolution can be adjusted in the App, appropriate to reduce resolution to increase the time of a single loop video.

focused on M6 cameras use compact streamlined industrial design, the fuselage does not provide any buttons and thrust line, all the operation and setting up the finish on the mobile phone App. Has applied for patent of super strong suction magnet type interface, through the aging test, and the acceleration of gravity ensures driving state of turbulence environment don’t fall off, the need to take the camera and can be easily removed.

focused on M6 built-in WiFi module, and smart phone wireless direct, to realize mobile synchronous driving track, watch video, download the pictures and video. After phone installed focused on App can direct point-to-point wireless connections M6 camera, without a wireless router, no consumption of flow.

focused on pioneering car remote control picture button, press can be remote-controlled camera taking pictures, photos and associated 10 seconds 5 seconds before and after a short video can be downloaded to mobile phones. Compared with former generation products, focused M6 to upgrade the remote picture button, lower power consumption, use time longer, and increased the status lights, operation experience is preferred.

in addition to being able to directly in the focused on App to share photos and video of my trip, focused on the App can also track in each period of the journey, integrate the information such as location, photos on a mobile phone, with the mood and stories on the road, the road book, can generate a little editor you can generate a complete road, casually share to various social platform.

focused on the goal of the M6 users mainly concentrated in the 25 ~ 35 years old car owners, more for road enthusiasts, photography fans and social network users. Focused on joint founder Martin told hunting cloud network, focused taken to meet the needs of the users to reflect their own presence. With the popularity of smart phones, the infiltration of social networks, and the owner of the younger, focused user base will be more and more widely.

many competitive market of vehicle traveling data recorder products. Not only have a DOD, through professional brand of vehicle traveling data recorder, 360 also to test the waters car market, and achieved a very high bookings. Martin convective cloud network said, compared with competitors, focused on the only need to do is run faster, more experience a better product.

business model, currently focused mainly on hardware sales, through online electricity and offline channels, installed capacity of 20000 a month. “Follow-up by the expansion of the installed APP, there will be a lot of O2O service imaginary space.” Martin said.

team, start-up core team from huawei. Founder and CEO of luo, haisi image group founder, huawei has 10 years of experience in research and development and product management. Vice President of r&d YuYunHui, 10 years of research and development management experience. Marketing director the horse must be, 10 years experience in the Internet media and huawei haisi brand management.

it is understood, focused recently completed A round of funding.