(text/Zhao Zixiao)

the blink of an App is a vertical segment of women’s social electric business platform, its biggest characteristics is the original designers gathered in a platform independent, focused on original design ladies online and offline sales.

blink founder and CEO of f. o. &boli-bennett, said in an interview with hunting cloud network, founded the purpose of the blink of an eye took a fancy to clothing market, in addition to catch girls pain points to buy clothes, but because of the team understand the girl buy clothes have what problem. Now most women buy clothes in taobao and shopping malls, taobao clothes, did not dare to assure the quality of the search efficiency is still very low; Market price is on the high side, a lot of people don’t have time to go to a store around. And in the blink of an eye on the fabric won’t be mixed with water, ensure the quality at the same time also to ensure that the original, the designer will pass strict screening, buy are independent designer brands. Although small, but the girl is not afraid of bump unlined upper garment?

the blink of an eye not only solved the users buy clothes pain points, also solved the designer’s pain points. The current electricity, a piece of clothing often sell tens of thousands of pieces, many independent fashion designers are batch production clothing company extrusion force of no respite. Many designers team only two or three people, if there is no market for clothing, may face a serious problem for them. Open online store is a way, but now online store without a good channel to let people understand, also have no money to promotion. Instead, some manufacturer look good design, draw lessons from down to mass production, into taobao hot style, let original designers have bitterness could not say out. The original clothing on sale in the blink of an eye. For designers, on the platform and the competition more fair clothing company.

about original, the first impression is likely to be: can’t afford it. Now with the original designer platform D2C, for example, the clothing above everything is very expensive, daunting. The clothes although there are thousands of price on the blink of an eye, but the f. o. &boli-bennett, more emphasis is cost-effective. So in the blink of an eye we see clothing prices are ground, YiErBai yuan many original clothes. “My goal is to let all girls can buy designer clothes,” f. o. &boli-bennett said.

social aspects, the user can browse or buy clothes in the process of access to information from various designers can focus on, and sending messages, if you have any requirements, you can also contact the designer clothing, users and designers to form a good interaction, is no longer as before think high above the designer.

the blink of an App launched two months, affiliated with Beijing win the king technology co., LTD., founded in July 2014. Team, the existing team members about 20 people, divided into technical, operational, etc. At present, in the blink of an eye on the designer for thousands of users, eligible into independent stylist has about one hundred people.

win king science and technology in addition to the blink of an eye, there is an App born I laid off, customized App is designed for designers. Designers can through the painting, in the above design clothing. In the future, f. o. &boli-bennett hope from fashion design to integrate sales among a series of process, form a complete chain, it is a long-term plan. Blink of an eye now or continue to focus on original couture online development, and through the entity shop, offline activities and development of PC mall to accumulate the number of users.