on July 18, the central bank and other 10 ministries jointly issued by the “about promoting the healthy development of the Internet financial guidance” provoke discussion in the industry, the Internet financial no matter how nature or financial, figure is just pay, borrowing (P2P) network, the raise, fund sales, insurance, trust and mutual consumer finance, etc. These classes. We this article talking about not about industry regulations, but a project about the raise to promote overseas – big driver (OutHand).

“big push” official position is a overseas and the raise of product marketing service and international brand and sales channel provider, helping China intelligent hardware entrepreneurs in America the raised platform Kickstarter and Indiegogo, raise the first start-up capital, the accumulation of the first international seed users. Company headquarters is in Los Angeles. The raise as a consumption pattern is also a fire in recent years, collect project funds to the public, greatly reduces the business risks. Team 6 people do this history is not short, just a few years ago the routing to help raise project a lot of the docking. In march this year to systematically to big push project was established, officially launched in the domestic.

China director YanDeWei tell hunting cloud network: “choose not to China to do all the raise, in plain English is actually a curve for national salvation. Domestic market competition is fierce and is fighting a LuanZhang, just on the domestic many great ideas all the raised platform, is facing a copy and big acquisitions. This is not protect the environment beyond the emerging brand it is easy to die in the abdomen fetal. More and more enterprises to choose from abroad to domestic, international attention, first back depth development.

big push service generally divided into three parts: content production, promotion strategy, international marketing.

a, content production: according to the specific project Kickstarte and Indiegogo location and packaging. Custom video display, the content of the project will be according to the American/European markets for relocation.

two, promotion strategy: to provide professional PR services, project making preparation before the start of the raise, raise after the start of the promotion, the raise of products on time after the transportation planning.

3, the United States/international marketing: docking the United States, Europe and other developed the international market, in collaboration with local startups in silicon valley. Native American investors and PR resources docking.

the Chinese entrepreneurial teams on Kickstarter and Indiegogo tedious process for many excellent achievements of the company, or use a lot of time and effort. But today’s intelligent hardware emerge in endlessly, training to create a large number of want appearance of players in the world.

large driving force and IDG capital, LETV, now SUIEF, PreAngel conducted cooperation, etc. Every single project charge at $30000 and above, all to raise the money from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Team will pick up 3-50000 list at first, then “the door of a small company too much, energy is limited, not enough, even do is to compensate the buying and selling”, YanDeWei pulling the positioning line in the high-end customer base. China YanDeWei is responsible for the promotion of the contact, the remaining five people team in the United States.