(text/Yang Sihui)

high-tech intelligent hardware have infiltrated, including sports, medical, transportation, conventional field, more and more intelligent life hardware is also gradually optimizing various scenes in the life. The alarm clock can be personalized, the who ever think of flowers can also be intelligent? Through the analysis of the monitoring hardware and APP management awareness, “beautiful little white” trying to be a can help the inexperienced “plant a small white” have good flower “housekeeper” plants.

through the plant related parameters, the cloud data analysis, take small white to determine water plant growth condition, the best time, water volume, its own water tank can be automatic watering plants. In addition, the small white also can detect temperature, air humidity, illumination and temperature, humidity and soil fertility value, and the cloud to plant modeling calculation health parameters is given. Users only need to download the flower small white App, router configuration take small white to connect to the family, in the App matching corresponding plant species, can through the App anytime, anywhere to see their feed plants, thereby protecting plant health, science of flowers.

founder li kang is a serial entrepreneur, have relatively rich experience in software development. Co-founder is li kang zhao life China high school classmates, have years of experience in the Internet of things technology development and management, has the intelligent controller of the patent right.

the first time in 2014, I have 2 plant, as the work is more and more busy, no time to take care of them, all died. One strain of jasmine, dying twice, I have tried to revive, finally because of too busy, let it die, always feel it’s a pity, but suffer from overstretched.” Li kang said. Earlier this year, li kang back to chengdu, a chat with friends in occasional zhao life China decided to develop a product in the solution of the pain points.

now generation of products, is referred to as the “flower white version 1.1” li kang, but before this, has the iteration at least 20 version. Early design, the iterative speed almost a version 2 days, from the sensor parameters, plant database, transmission protocol, as well as engineering structure above changes unceasingly, has now a little white “flowers”.

competing goods, “JUST GROW smart pot” as a “box”, there are 24 kinds of plants, optional built-in mixed soil, fertilizer, seeds, users only need to add water, after waiting for germination. “Flowers assistant golf” and “smart hardware + App”, in the form of the target population for a young family, main problem of water plants on the function, and each device can only detect a plant. Flowers white, by contrast, advocate the monitoring and intelligent watering plants, its function more, supported by the plant species and more, and can manage many plant at the same time.

“we feel that at this stage to the plant with the user’s agriculture is not enough, the back of the product should be more fit the connection between the user, plants, and the environment.” Li kang tell hunting cloud network. In future versions, flowers white besides can develop more sophisticated plant data analysis management system, in view of the business, farm, balcony scene design more, also increases the risk for people and the environment awareness and intelligent analysis, hope the user can directly “interaction” to plants.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, at present, li kang is raise website and several mainstream the depth of the contact, may use the raised platform related to the product after the raise, is expected to officially listed on the hair sells for 199 yuan. Li kang said: “in addition to selling the product profit, we hope that through more flowers small white connection like plants, flower small white accumulation of plant data and personal data, can be particularly large mining space.”

the flower small white has launched an angel round, plans to raise around 500 w.