(text/Yu Qian)

social network era, hundreds of millions of social software users never lack of individuals the opportunity to communicate with other, their worry is probably to find their own identity, with his communication is definitely a good choice. Float is a countryman contacts social applications, trying to open the ties chain as the incision, for thousands of millions of “floating” in a foreign land to create a valuable contacts.

according to seniority, float the guest team is one of the earliest attention fellow social entrepreneurial teams. Founder Liu Xinyi tell hunting cloud network, the guest is in the original products of the company on the basis of dialect chat further upgrade. Dialect chat is the team in 2013 launched a dialect pronunciation class sharing application, the application launch after users reached 600000. Liu Xinyi team made a deeper exploration, based on the dialect relationship between can broaden his countryman, circle is a can go to a point of divergence. Especially in distant hometown wandering and overseas, more pressing need to quickly open the circle around the home.

“floating Folks in English is the name of guest (Folks) transliteration. Have ‘part such as duckweed, a strange stranger.” Upgraded floating share guest retains the dialect features, mainly for college students, overseas Chinese for the target user, also faces the society from all walks of life in a foreign land, biased towards the three relationships: language, geography, group circle.

first of all, the original home label “XXX in XXX” can let users easily read information; Second, fellow tribe is group mode, the user even if even in different cities, will always find the latest countrymen circle; Again, in the launch, the user can initiate and participate in activities, such as eating a Que windbag bowl of powder, rub mahjong games bubble bath, in-depth development of interpersonal relationship; Finally, in the dialect of the module, the user can share in the form of voice and text around the dialect.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, floating in February 2015 to launch the Demo version closed, July launch android won the millet app store front page immediately after the final products recommended. The iOS version will be launched in mid August. Talk about the future planning, floating Liu Xinyi said guest will be online to offline, in the case of product stability through the accumulation of data, for the user and group activities, released within the APP do recommend related offline gathering place, etc.

as China’s floating population is increasing, the main town of social software is better meet the demand of the people’s feelings, fellow social is in vogue. Hunting before cloud network reported township in from users just need to provide the platform service, RunTu is focused on the rich content production. Compared with the other fellow social software, floating focus on data mining, enables users to enjoy the relationship between value chain recommendations. Liu Xinyi tell hunting cloud network, floating guest based on user registration information, such as home, school, company, from once to the related data of the second matching and associated information, combined with multiple scenarios the actual needs of users, make accurate valuable recommendations. Float customer interface, on the other hand, compared with other similar software is more detailed. “May have certain academy with my personal background, our interface, expression in product design and the overall picture style requirements more stringent.”

founder Liu Xinyi graduated from hubei academy of fine arts and central south second degree in university of finance and economics, mainly be responsible for the guest product planning part. Co-founder Chai Yanlong, is mainly responsible for the product’s operation. Technology is the partner taomee network server before the Lord. Wu Hanyi backflip studios digital technology co., LTD, is a Liu Xin from university during the period of school, the current team 10 people.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, floating guest have well-known seed round of investment, investors now plans to launch the angel round.