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in daily life, many things need to be recorded, sharing, words, pictures and video can help us to express and hunting cloud network to introduce the product today, is a record and share life photography App to help you – instant cast. It between pictures and video to help users to capture every moment of the movement, make photographs to life.

founder Qiu Xiaofan is a photography enthusiasts, more than a year ago from sina departure entrepreneurial lead the team to develop the first product is a picture of social App (currently also continues to run), but the labels and stickers as the main battlefield of social market is already a bayonet see red images, and the team is planning how a different approach in the field of social picture, hope to find blue ocean near the red sea. After repeated research analysis, finally decided to develop the instantaneous shot so a new social product between pictures and video. Qiu Xiaofan told hunting cloud network: “the real world is dynamic, dynamic image is closer to the human eye the true feelings of the objective world and instantaneous take solves the picture can only record a still picture pain points.” Transient beat iOS version of the product has been launched in early July, is at a stage of trial operation, android version are also under development.

instant flagship “one key seconds flapping figure”, the second how to record and restore life moments? Qiu Xiaofan said, in the circle of photography had a play named local dynamic photography, through high-speed continuous shooting, after the late processing, the overall picture is static, and a character or views is dynamic, so shoot out work is better than traditional static images have euqally. And prompt the development of a second shot, is this procedure simplification, the threshold is reduced, let the user a second also can play a new pattern.

in addition to shoot a second figure, instantaneous film also set up some other functions for the user for the user to choose from. User registration finished, photography works, publish, share, if taken to work are not satisfied, can be dealt with through a filter. If need to delay, the user can also click on the icon at the top of the time, open 3 seconds delay function. In addition, instantaneous film provides stabilization design for hand shaking, people, shooting is completed, the user can use it to dynamic figure image processing. All operation needs only one key can be completed, shooting out dynamic figure from technology to beauty, all aspects to consider and to give attention to two or morethings, finally through a key sharing on social circle, also worry about no one thumb up? The

at present, the image class App is very much, the market competition, social App no less cars, such as footprints, sets, footprint main subtitles to add, let the user take life like a movie, and sets a focus more on the function of filter processing. This kind of App functional, from user use, the user is more of them are being used as a tool of the App. In addition, although instantaneous shoot shoot are cycle diagram, but it is compared with video class App. Qiu Xiaofan said: “the user might think that our product is similar to GIF, but it is not. Transient racquet and GIF is GIF in the final analysis the difference of the content or video, and instant to locate in the form of their product or pictures, but there is a dynamic pictures. Video is usually with the plot, and the picture is just for a moment record of the scene, the two still have difference.

instantaneous pat team now a total of 7 people, mainly engaged in product development and operations. At present, the team is actively collect user feedback and optimize the product, will try to move next figure in combination with dynamic stickers to promote the playability of the product. Dynamic characters in the figure, for example, have a cry, excited mood, such as to add the corresponding expressions, makes the expression and dynamic figure, the combination of different visual effects.

Qiu Xiaofan tell hunting cloud network, instant later by means of dynamic stickers into cooperation brand to achieve profit, at this point, and other static diagram of main labels and stickers are similar products.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, transient pat team at the end of last year has been the seeds of innovation works mega-carriers round of investment, has now started the angel round.