(text/Ma Fengyi)

according to the latest figures of Chinese sport fishing association, domestic fishing enthusiasts have reached more than 90 million, fishing become outdoor sport covers one of the most popular sports. The birth of the fishermen’s circle of friends, not only from the entrepreneurs themselves love of fishing, also for the industry “fishing” market space of infinite daydream.

leaf of fishing friends circle, the founder of the wing “, said: “sometimes want to go fishing, but trapped in no time consistent fishing partner.” Based on this, Ye Yongbo joint, another fishing enthusiasts Zhu Changjian, launching a can by integrating user fragments of time, organize social fishing platform.

is fishing friends circle simply set fishing point (fishing for information), yu bo (fishing skills), fish tao (fishing gear group and venue booking), fishing shop (merchants preferential information), and other information service, to provide users with comprehensive information of fishing. Functional properties in addition to the fishermen’s circle of friends, also can be initiated through online fishing activity information, offline users to participate in the activities. Activities can be released by fishing friends circle official activities, users can also be independent organization activities.

fishing friends circle from September 2014 to begin the planning and design, in May this year WeChat, App and Web version launched in succession, the fishermen’s circle of friends and not to any promotional activities, WeChat public attention to 7000 +, + 400 active users.

Ye Yongbo think, fishing, it is need to have certain economic ability to consumption of outdoor sports. Fishing friends circle drive through out fishing, parent-child activities such as screening, have the time to have a car, can spend money on a fishing trip “quality” to customers. High quality fishing activities, bring different fishing experience to the user. Ye Yongbo tell hunting cloud network, they will not only organize regular big game fishing, and some JinDiao fisheries (such as the Buddha hill reservoir) cooperation, exclusive fishing grounds.

fishing friends circle are mainly through three channels profit:

1, profit: fishing friends circle official activities (fishing activities and parent-child activities), charge the corresponding registration fee, accommodation, at the same time also can provide users with special fishing equipment (small sonar, dozen hello ship and aircraft, underwater camera device, etc.).

2, advertising: organization of commercial fishing contest, providing advertising booth (30000 yuan each, is expected to provide 10); Provide offline fishing shop platform promotion and discount information, collect relevant advertising.

3, fishing friends circle of anhui joint fishing association will jointly organize industry exposition, provide promotional communication related to the fishing industry. The

it is worth mentioning that fishing friends circle to by providing new KIND (knowledge, information, network, data) ability of development, open up new development ideas for fishing industry. Ye Yongbo thought for the user’s request, “high threshold” does not mean that users will drain, on the contrary he thinks fishing enthusiasts are generally good economic ability and certain cultural background, if connect these groups of people with.net, will form an upper social circle. And long-term users will be fishing friends circle accumulating a huge mass of data, these data will be transformed, provide data support for the development of other industries.

similar competing goods, iron fish fishing heavy social, fisherman and fishing net weight in e-commerce. And river’s lake fishing integrate social and electricity market, the different is, river’s lake fishing field electric business module provides not fishing gear, but place to go fishing. Fishermen’s circle of friends is the essence of a social activity sites, at the same time can provide advertising platform for offline fishing shop.

at present, the fishing friends circle is the main covered cities in anhui province, has begun in sichuan, Qingdao and other places set up a substation.

the author thinks that, regardless of whether they are partial social or fishing on the Internet for the electrical industry, is facing the biggest test of is the problem of user traffic, how to make traditional fishing enthusiasts open train of thought, to download the App, and involved? Moreover users “threshold” the localization, for a start-up activity sites, is the best choice?

fishing friends circle technical team 2 people, 3 operations team. One of the founders of Ye Yongbo has years of experience in product managers and marketing. Co-founder Zhu Changjian have many years of sales experience. Two founders is both alumni and very good friends, in the team, Ye Yongbo is responsible for the daily management and project planning, Zhu Changjian is responsible for planning and organizing activities.

at present, the fish is actively preparing seed round of funding.