(text/Wang Dongguo)

since and eighties last century, from Hong Kong into the mainland’s ZuShouFang store mode has existed for more than 40 years. There is no denying the fact that this pattern in the past quite a long time has its rationality, also appeared a chain of home, the real estate industry leader. With the advent of the era of “Internet +”, however, the Internet real estate market competition has entered the white-hot, Internet real estate enterprise activity, go to the store rental housing is no longer the only choice.

found a litter of authenticity is a main housing information ZuShouFang platform, it abandoned the offline shop model, by building O2O online platform, connected to the tenant and the landlord. Its target audience is young white-collar workers and the undergraduate of strong finish school. PC and App has been launched on June 1, number of housing more than 1500 sets, and provide book to see house online, one-on-one service agent, commissioned by the landlord online, etc.

tenant before we rent the house, on the layout of the houses, the configuration, location, price, decorate a style, a comprehensive understanding, most of the information from the Internet to find, and housing information authenticity and the commission has been plagued by high users looking for a room. Founder Yao Zuxun tell hunting cloud network, found a litter of pain points to solve the industry has 3:

1) traditional intermediary housing information untrue and high cost of store.

2) agent to pick the customer, the customer experience.

3) high commission, regional restriction, information asymmetry.

business model, to find a nest around the “real estate + + financial service” project framework for development. Now through the rent and the second-hand house business into local life service market, the rigid demand to solve the everyone home. Future development to the local life service, such as signing service, housekeeping, renovating, and members of the financial services such as rent installment or second-hand house down payment in installment, and build a closed loop type local comprehensive service platform of life.

the current domestic similar patterns of sites like tintin rent, love house to house. Tintin rent now only opened two cities of Beijing and Shanghai service, love house, house is opened north of guangzhou, and tianjin five cities service, is take the route of first-tier cities. , by contrast, found a litter of xi ‘an, the development of second-tier cities, after the second line the main markets, layout first-tier cities gradually.

found a litter of the core team currently has four people. Founder Yao Zuxun, serial entrepreneur, has created “superior tesco” women’s fashion products group, “poly snacks” white-collar snacks procurement mall. Co-founder MiaoWenJing, director of Marketing Department. Co-founder Wu Guangxiu, project partner, the competent Commerce Department. Han Guangyun marketing director, 5 years working experience in real estate industry.

it is understood that found a nest is seeking angel round.