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domestic article:

YOHO! Group for nearly $100 million D round, by the shenzhen fortune venture capital led, CMC fund of Chinese culture, capital with a telescope, and the original shareholders saif fund and investment and auspicious peak. YOHO! Nanjing is a trend category electricity.

O2O automotive electrical business car wind $500 million B round of funding. Car wind network is a Shanghai automotive electric business platform, committed to provide users with professional, transparent and efficient shopping experience. At the same time provide car after market service.

Dig goods

$80 million B + round of funding, the new horizon capital, transfer bridge investment joint capital group and the capital letter and a few rounds before the investor cicc, broadband capital, IDG, ignition and CDH with pitch. Dig wealth is a personal account hangzhou financial management platform, the main products are “dig wealth accounting financial management”, “dig money credit card housekeeper”, “dig money money housekeeper” APP. Dig in round B raised a total of $130 million.

Kitchen under the

$30 million B round of financing, capital brought by China, jingdong cast, with A round of investor zhi capital letter, lianchuang source continue to vote. Kitchen is a Beijing family food community, has gradually become the electrical contractor entry of food and kitchen utensils and appliances at home and abroad.

Fitness O2O combustion

won $15 million in financing. Combustion is a Shanghai fitness APP, can be a key to make an appointment course, sites, coaches, the user can choose to the nearest fitness place, at the same time can make an appointment for personal training.

to develop pharmaceutical won a $10 million investment, the investor is, the capital. Suzhou to develop pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is a cancer drug research and development of high-tech innovation of enterprises, the company products include a new generation of inhibiting androgen receptors in development of resistance to drugs and used in the treatment of prostate cancer of breast, lung and liver cancer targeted kinase inhibitors, etc.

scenic treasure 30 million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding, treasure of the scenic spot is A Beijing based on map of scenic spot of tourists sharing service platform.

only repair the remit angel investment 10 million yuan, with magnetic system by Beijing investment asset management co., LTD. Wei hui is an Internet service platform in shenzhen, now from home appliances category, service projects include: installation, maintenance, maintenance, secondary processing, etc.

idareX 4 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor for IDG. IdareX dare to play sports is a cool Beijing vertical video community, combining with the online video promotion and offline coldplay activity, intended to make the Chinese version of GoPro coldplay culture.

Dr Images social product d figure millions angel investment, investors for matrix partners. Dalian medical chart is a diabetes health management as the core, committed to creating the most authoritative diabetes health platform, provides the high quality health management service.

zhongtian ka wah C round of financing, by the world’s leading private-equity firm TPG, everbright, Keytone Ventures led together, also in this series B investors kleiner perkins caufield & byers. Zhongtian ka wah is a financial technology service company, Beijing recently launched the industry financial planner professional services platform, “wealth”.

China media, the purchase agreement Raising nearly $10 m

China media with China Special Situations to sign a formal stock subscription agreement. China will be on common form of private media raise about $9.8 million. Depending on the media under the agreement, China will per ADS12.9 dollars ($0.645 per share of common stock) to China Special Situations to issue shares. After the completion of the deal, China Special Situations will hold shares in the Chinese media about 13% has become one of the major shareholder of China media.

foreign article:

StyleSeat $25 million B round, by Fosun’s Kinzon Capital led, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Cowboy Ventures with pitch. StyleSeat is America a hairdressing appointment APP, concentrate on to be a leader in beauty services market.

Zesty won A $17 million round of financing, the financing by Index Ventures led, raised Fund and existing investors Forerunner Ventures for refs. Zesty start-up companies is one of America’s health food take-away, employees of the other start-ups to San Francisco to provide a healthy diet.

MySmartPrice $10 million B round and round led by AccelPartners company, by HelionVenturePartners for refs. A comparison shopping portal MySmartPrice is India.

electric business platform Scratch won $3.6 million in angel rounds of financing, by the Bessemer Venture Partners, led, at NextView Ventures, Red Swan Ventures with shots, etc. Scratch is a connection of consumer and buyer electric business platform.

BreezoMeter won a $1.8 million investment, investors for health care organizations. Breezometer is the application of Israel a air quality detection, the use of big data provide relevant decisions.

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