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domestic article:

classified information website people obtain financing more than 2.2 billion yuan, the investor for citic, high su, deep venture, zhongjian shots and several domestic investment institutions, such as strategic investors. This round of financing is mainly used for demolition of the VIE structure, talent reserves, and investment in the field of vertical layout.

baylor subject English for nearly $200 million B round of funding. Led by Shanghai far east group. Baylor academic English is a “immersion subject English” as the teaching method of the juvenile’s English training institutions.

87870 VR vertical portal $30 million for A round of funding, investors are not released. In 87870 was founded in 2013, is China’s virtual reality platform, committed to global customers with virtual reality industry focus in the information in time, download the latest VR games, professional VR equipment evaluation, as well as domestic VR BBS community.

multi-platform game simulator hippocampus play to win $one hundred million B round of investment, led to zhejiang newspaper media fund, and the east, the giant network and etc. A new round of investment is mainly used for content community and platform construction, intelligent hardware development and production, at the same time develop overseas market.

e domestic housekeeping O2O enterprises jie for hundreds of millions of yuan C round of financing, the investor for the well-known brokerage and CDH capital, cheng jing mother funds, tencent win-win industry funds, etc. For the purpose of the current financing, e home clean plan is the housekeeper who are mainly used for recruitment and training, aimed at domestic aunt standardized services and functions to build domestic segment O2O ecological system.

express channel cold-chain won A $10 million round of financing, the investor for Edgar’s agricultural funds safely. Express channel food logistics co., LTD. Is a professional third party cold chain logistics solution provider and operator.

great won a $10 million investment, investors for tomson times. Tomson Hong Kong hundred times and improve the information and subsidiary with KangSeed vehicle Technology, Beijing Kang Zhi signed a protocol for network science and Technology, and transaction is completed, the Hong Kong hk rui hold KangSeed Technology 4.7847% stake. Sister it is Beijing Kang Zhi vehicle network technology, the main products, is a vertical women’s health class mobile phone software.

beast rider for 50 million yuan A round of funding, by innovation works collar, Tang Binsen and challenging funds to vote. Beast rider is a focus on start-ups in the cycling sports, its product line including cycling APP and cycling intelligent control equipment.


strategic investment 45 million yuan, the investor of China tech center with its view of Shanghai by equity funds of the partnership enterprise. There is a massive open online course integrated operators, network education platform including top you school, Beijing university of Chinese mu class, etc. China tech center to get a n experienced person, after the completion of investment control.

massage lion for 32 million yuan A round of financing, the investor to do better health industry co., LTD. Motivational do massage world “haidilao” and “massage lion” was established in March 2015, is a door to door massage O2O company.

YunDing network series A investment 15 million yuan, the investor, Letv and lenovo star for beauty. Ding at security door lock is the domestic first YunDing network intelligent security door lock.

McGrady endowment grade must angel rounds of financing, the investor with cross a venture in Beijing. McGrady endowment is a focus on wisdom pension services company, with the help of a smart wearable devices and mobile Internet technology, build wisdom pension management system, to provide high-end pension institutions in hardware and software solutions.

venture dream factory grade must angel round, by abundant capital, cheng jing mother snatched fund, its capital, thick German jointly participate in the investment. Vc dreamworks has hundreds of excellent domestic investors resources, is the world’s new venture media perspective.

the ball friend circle angel investment ten million yuan, the investor is dragon mining investment institutions. Ball friend circle is a provide users with the venue booking, event registration, team challenges and the ball friend communication functions such as the movement of the App, billiards, badminton, soccer, and currently supported Beijing area of 8 kinds of ball games, such as booking and events.

micro shang dynasty operators are green new media received millions of dollars angel investment, investors for IDG. Green new media main business: new media planning, micro operation, shang dynasty’s live easy platform focused on community live online training will be launched in August.

ehi won 1.5 billion of the China development bank financing support

ehi has with China development bank Shanghai branch signed a five-year framework cooperation agreement, the total scale of 1.5 billion yuan. According to the agreement, during the period of 2015 to 2020, the two sides to cooperate on all kinds of financial products, including vehicle fixed asset investment.

preach le depending on the cell phone to complete the $500 million in financing valuation of $5 billion

the Letv subsidiary Letv mobile intelligent information technology co., LTD., has completed the first round of financing, financing amount, or $500 million, estimates about $5 billion.
A month ago, A source says Letv mobile phone in the first round of financing of $450 million, investors including e-town international investment, the bottom of the sea, fishing, etc., but Letv also in contact with the new investors, haitong securities such as new investors and follow-up to join, this means that the Letv mobile phones in the first round of financing may include A round and round A +.

foreign article:

electric car dealer Vroom $54 million B round, by Catteron collar, General Catalyst for refs. Vroom is an online trading platform, sell 32 brands of all kinds of cars, including the tesla.

KFit won $3.25 million in financing, led by sequoia capital. KFit is a company to provide customers convenient fitness services.

Expert360 won A $4.1 million ($3.1 million) A round of funding, led is Frontier Ventures vc firms. Expert360 is a high-level advisory services platform, enterprise customers can easily contact with its 4500 professional consultants, get help.

UK financial technology company Revolut 1.5 million financing, the investor for the European investment institutions Balderton Capital. Revolut help users easily at any time during the trip through the App to complete the money transfer, and not to the user fees.

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