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domestic article:

Internet financial platform and rich letter for C $35 million round of funding, the Broadline Capital led, and ubs investment bank. Shanghai letter and rich is a P2P credit services, focusing on domestic consumption credit risk management, to provide consumer lending service to consumers.

LIVALL for 80 million yuan A round of funding, led by chinaequity investment, the east sea mobile innovation fund, rich rich deep bay mobile innovation funds to vote. Intelligent cycling equipment company in shenzhen LIVALL cycling equipment research and development focus on intelligence.

the foot down $10 million for A round of funding, the investor to become capital, sequoia capital and source of capital, etc. Shanghai is a combination of film and location of innovative social applications images, provides a common, widescreen, picture in picture and contrast mode, users can create their own story.

rent installment platform will stage for 35 million yuan A round of funding, attracts investors for the source of capital, silver. Beijing will be staging is a rent installment site, through to the landlord for tenants paying rent, lease monthly reimbursement way, let the tenant month pay the rent.

Magic Wifi must level financing, the investor to tencent. Shenzhen MagicWiFi is the most big garden FreeWiFi operators, domestic customers such as byd, TCL factory close to a large group.


6 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor is very serious fund, jiuhe venture, etc. Beijing occasionally chat APP is a main rapid mobile social applications, the main chat with oxygen.

images social applications Emo won millions angel rounds of financing, the investor is perilous peak huaxing. Emo is a social App, a real-time image for young people to share life’s is a kind of pressure, confident attitude to take.

alibaba group announced on its capital 6 billion yuan, ali cloud strategy for international business development, cloud computing, big data base and forward-looking technology in the field of research and development, the construction of ecological system and the DT.

foreign article:

sports social gaming companies in the United States DraftKings won $300 million in financing, the investor as the FOX sports, etc. DraftKings, an online sports social gaming company, mainly around the sports knowledge games set, can allow users to use real money bets.

India household electricity Pepperfry D round of funding for $100 million, by Goldman sachs group inc., Zodius Technology led, Norwest Venture Partners, with investment, etc. Is a Pepperfry provides, including furniture, household decoration, lamps, kitchen utensils and appliances, integrated electric business platform.

Butterfly Network $100 million B round of funding. The Butterfly Network is a medical imaging company, the company developed a new type of medical imaging equipment to set up a collection of thousands of image database, and then use the artificial intelligence technology to obtain a new clinical treatment.

online payment processing company Stripe won $100 million in financing, the investor for the Visa. The Stripe is a payment solution provider, or merchants to provide payment API interface for developers or code, can let the merchant’s website and mobile APP support credit card payments, etc.

Tripping paves the vacation rental search engine $16 million B round of funding, the Steadfast Venture Capital led, Monte Koch, etc to vote. Tripping paves the first focus on the business of home stay facility, Tripping paves later decided to change its revenue model according to the market situation, build a global vacation rental and short rent a meta search services.

India logistics company Opinio won $1.3 million in angel rounds of financing, the investor, and for TracxnLabs. Opinio is India a cross-regional logistics business company, through the turnaround time of the algorithm, to submit the logistics personnel work efficiency.

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