on June 12 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

music depending on the cell phone won $450 million in the first round of financing, investors including e-town investment, haidilao, etc. Letv the current core business has a video, television, mobile phones, cars, etc., on April 14, the official launch Letv three mobile phone product: 1, super super phone mobile phones 1 pro and super Max. On May 19, 200000 Letv super phone in Letv mall sale, sale announced sold less than 4 minutes.

good doctor online for C $60 million round of funding, led by zhi letter capital, capital and chong DE FA for huaxing capital. As a reference for patients go to a doctor in the field of Internet start-ups, good doctor set up on the Internet the first real-time update of outpatient information query system.

study abroad study abroad O2O she won A $18 million round of financing, the investor better future for China’s leading education science and technology enterprises. Went to study abroad is a study abroad adviser O2O platform, with C2C mode connection advisers and the student.

electrical contractor in international logistics service platform which for tens of millions of dollars to ship it to A round of financing, the investor as the source of capital, the specific amount temporarily not released. To ship it to what is B2B international logistics field electric business platform, is in the vertical field, with the help of traditional industry “Internet +” way, change the startup project.

take-out O2O stupid Xiong Zao rice for tens of millions of yuan A round of financing, the investor for the asia-pacific region one of the food and beverage giant, with capital and resources in the way of investment. Stupid Xiong Zao rice is a catering takeout brand, belonging to feed thousands of fast food management (Beijing) co., LTD. The latter is a collection of fast food brand chain, cold chain of fast food, takeout, food production and processing, sales and distribution of mobile kitchen as one of the large diversity catering institutions.

campus O2O door head 10 million financing, the investor instant for Shanghai. The door head on offline resources integration and to the point of deep mining, do business to B and to C. For group a is FMCG businesses near school, the head will be offline to online campus surrounding resources integration. Second, the school has a demand of students.

housekeeping O2O jie bear angel investment ten million yuan, the investor is hong tuan wealth. Jie bear zhongyang belonging to chengdu century network technology co., LTD. Is its love of n a week cleaning brands. The funding will be mainly used for recruitment and product technology research and development.

cherry travel more than $ten million angel rounds of financing. Cherry travel will directly aim at community entities and virtual community, with C2B business model, relying on Vinux revolutionary series tools such as cherry, cherry pie and win-win service platform, in nearly 50000 community entities and virtual community based tourism service window, achieve “Internet + + community tourism” group of new pattern.

crowdsourcing translation publishing platform Fibread seed round 4.7 million yuan, the investor of control kechuang Qin Jun and Sun Ge rock valley venture capital. The new Fiberead opens the open beta, no longer recruit the author and the translator by inviting way, users can independent material submitted to the platform, once approved, authorized to Fiberead translation, or to participate in the project.

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