July 28 (text/land full of red)

domestic article:

Internet financial service provider kua guest $200 million B round of funding, credit investors for the Hong Kong group. Kua financial is a guest to provide personal financial services and peer-to-peer lending site, products have a car easy loans, pay easy credit, business credit, etc.

plasticizing industry electric business platform for the plastic mesh $36 million B round, led by the new horizon capital, capital letter, qiming light with pitch. Guangzhou plastic plastic mesh is one of the largest buyers and sellers find dealmaking service electric business platform.

cloud PaaS platform providers ring letter $12.5 million B round and round led by sequoia capital, warp/weft, SIG and China. Beijing ring letter IM cloud is a developer oriented mobile IM instant messaging solution provider.

top set product a $10 m B round, KIP led by Korea, tripod venture with pitch. Optimal set of products is a leading global high-quality goods, the designer brand of e-commerce sites.

MaiDou follow-up won A $10 million round of funding, led by the cic company. Beijing MaiDou follow-up is focused on the doctor provide follow-up service, help the doctor to patient follow-up and manage mobile applications.

know more customer service robots for tens of millions of yuan. A round of funding. Sichuan xiao more customer service robot is a robot will learn online customer service, based on machine learning and natural language processing technology to provide users with online customer service.

XCAKE 5 million yuan of the pre – A round of funding. Sichuan Xcake ai ke is a square cake brands, in addition to using imported raw materials, security company also self-built logistics, to provide users with the last kilometer cake distribution services.

fast code crowdsourcing for millions of angel rounds of financing, the investor for Testin cloud. Guangdong fast code crowdsourcing is a code crowdsourcing service platform.

Internet law O2O won the web services platform for tens of millions of yuan, strategic financing led by tecent, Germany as capital, investment and compound. Shanghai won the net is a litigation services third-party platform, relying on the Internet and information technology, to build the business model of vertical search + lawyer community.

baidu take-out won $250 million in financing. Baidu a spin-off of the rumor is confirmed today. Baidu baidu CEO robin li, baidu has split delivery and 91 desktop, and the business will develop independence.

foreign article:

the high-end restaurant distribution platform Deliveroo for C $70 million round of funding, the Greenoaks Capital, Index Ventures led, and Accel, etc. Is a focus for home and office Deliveroo provides high-end room service platform.

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