on July 27 (word/land full of red)

domestic article:

network favorable credit platform network for C $46 million round of funding, led by hillhouse capital. Money will be mainly used for the financial assets terminal layout, including end of high-quality assets, such as small loan companies, guarantee companies and entrepreneurial team project.

net financial letter $41 million B round and investors for capital three mountains, citic capital, etc. After finish this round of financing, the net financial letter in the main business at the same time, the development of P2P, such as asset management, wealth management and consumer finance business.

weekends for surrounding the weekend to visit $20 million for A round of funding, led by jun union capital and ficus altissima and capital, the capital, etc. Jiangsu is committed to planning for consumer weekend weekend life plan and provide the corresponding products and services.

children experience growth platform of wheat for parent-child for 40 million yuan A round of funding, the open content walden to bring, and successful funds. Wheat tao in Shanghai for the first time release 2.0 product “school of tong qu, focus for children aged between 3 and 12 years to build a series of characteristic curriculum.

job all the test was 20 million yuan, the Pre – A round of financing, the investor for mountain vc, thick with capital, holley Tun rings, zhongnan Tun rings. Job all the test platform is integrated service providers in information security industry ecosystem.

home outfit O2O E repair elder brother 20 million yuan angel round. Shanghai E elder brother to provide location-based services, select the repair open App end, damage to the appliance repair services range from home outfit are included.

restaurant boss made 20 million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding, founded jointly by xiao-bo wu and other new media fund led lion at home. Restaurant boss is made in a vertical focusing on food and beverage industry since the media brand, self-help build social catering industry chain business model and service platform.

foreign article:

British luxury O2O business Secret Escapes $60 million C round of financing, the investor of Index Ventures, Octopus, Investments, etc. Secret Escapes is a free to join and become a member of OTA, specializing in high-end market luxury travel flash sales business.

American biotechnology start-ups Ginkgo Bioworks $45 million B round of funding, the Viking Global led, YC and OS and Fund, etc. Ginkgo Bioworks main way even custom genetically engineered microorganisms synthetic smell, and prepare the essence.

education technology companies in the United States BrightBytes $33 million C round of financing. BrightBytes products called Clarity, is a with the aid of data analysis, combined with expert research, for K12 schools offer the platform of management consulting report.

clinical decision support technology team medCPU $8 million B round, led by Merck global health innovation fund, New Richmond Ventures with pitch. This money will make medCPU continue to maintain its market leadership in dynamic clinical decision support.

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