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domestic article:

drops fast won $2 billion in financing, International Private Equity investors for Capital (Capital International Private Equity Fund), ping an innovation investment funds, such as alibaba, tencent, temasek, high Capital (Coatue Management) and other existing shareholders are additional investment. Drops quickly, after the completion of the financing of the company will have more than $3.5 billion in cash reserves.

charm hui for more than $strategic investment, the investor to alibaba. Charm is a luxury flash sales electric business platform, provide consumers with deep discounts, brand authorization of high-quality goods directly.

pig rent short $60 million C round of financing, capital led by pleasure, morningside capital, citic capital, and capital and jade, etheric capital of financial advisers. Pig short rent is a domestic short home stay booking sites, pig short rent, launched in 2012, houses have been covered more than 200 cities of China.

luxury electric business platform temple library for more than $50 million round of funding, E led by ping an innovation investment fund. Temple library holdings, according to a new round of financing income will be used to continue to optimize the company’s products and services platform, improve brand awareness, and accelerate the development of global business.

second-hand construction machinery trading platform breastplates used won $100 million B round of investment, by DCM collar, A wheel qiming investors continue to vote. Real used trading platform to get through China’s second-hand construction machinery trading closed loop, for the Chinese construction machinery users create a “fair and transparent, efficient” trading platform.

all my room $5 million for A round of funding, AnZhenLing cast by light. Safe in my room all the way into real estate field, raise business lines to “C2B” mode of real estate, by the way of “the raise + custom” users as the leading O2O platform for real estate community development.

of city O2O1 number goods received tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, interactive CEO Zhu Yeling by the gods, suitable capital with really throw. 1 goods is a focus on the intelligence of city freight service platform.

grand stage for 12 million yuan A round of funding, for xin swim capital investment. This round of funding will be used in new product research and development and expansion of the city. Festival stages of fujian a staging platform for college students, the current main business is to college students the stages of the product demand purchasing service.

Good draw the

grade must angel financing, the investor for market network. Good draw is a cell phone recycling platform.

game developers Wozlla realization space won $2 million in financing, the investor for JingLin assets. Wozlla realization space was founded in 2013, its product “the call of time and space for the native App + HTML 5 double version of the game.

smart balance car radish 5.1 million yuan of angel financing, investors including an Internet investment fund 3 million yuan of investment, and encourage employees to self-employment, holley group support to provide 1.2 million yuan investment in resources. The radish car has been successfully break through 7 million yuan of the raised amount, but also won the taobao, the raise of the home page is recommended.

mobile fortunes calendar angel investment 5 million yuan, the investor to Mr. CAI. Luck calendar is a focus on the fortunes of personalized calendar application.

Nanshan remember

grade millions of angel investment, the investor is unknown. Nanshan positioning O2O “Internet + agricultural community economy, money will follow-up to the absorption of talents and mining products.

the people net 200 million yuan investment

the people net 200 million yuan of investment, investors for baidu. People mainly in the service of personal, independently complete the release and delivery by the user, the main free individuals life services platform.

the office space rental service WeWork won $433.9 million in a new round of financing

the office space rental service WeWork won $433.9 million in a new round of financing, the investor is unknown. WeWork allows individual workers together sharing a great office, and all this can be done through to the phone APP.

foreign article:

crown court international logistics won a $67.85 million investment, investors for alibaba. Alibaba account for 34% of the shares. Crown court international logistics is a subsidiary of Singapore postal logistics company, crown court international logistics LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore post, in the asia-pacific region to provide electricity business logistics services, such as one-stop business solutions.

Whipclip $40 million C round of financing, capital led by Eminence management company, excellence, institutional risk existing investors partners and Ryan enterprises for refs. Whipclip manufacturer of mobile applications, allowing users to use the most favorite TV shows and music clip video.

headphones manufacturing start-up Doppler Labs $17 million B round and investors for Live Nation Entertainment, universal music, etc. Doppler Labs is engaged in the consumer electronic product research and development of start-up, development of two headsets.

digital commodity content management platform Salsify $16.6 million B round, by Venrock collar, Matrix Partners, North Bridge Venture Partners, as well as Michael Skok with pitch.

ticket confirmed forecast ConfirmTKT angel financing, the investor to Pravin Agarwala angel investors, etc. ConfirmTKT is an Indian train ticket confirmation predict startup, its financing funds will mainly used to enhance the level of the platform technology and recruiting new employees.

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