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domestic article:

chong xin laser D round won nearly one hundred million yuan. Gen xin laser has officially launched listing pace, chong xin laser will continue to consolidate the leading position in the international and domestic market share of laser, and promote the rapid development of global laser industry.

easy home appliance $11 million for A round of funding, capital investment, investors including auspicious peak light letter, former CEO Wu Xiaoguang tencent electric dealer. Easily after electrical appliances is a focus on home appliance market service enterprises, through the home appliance maintenance, maintenance, recycling and scrappage services, building electrical appliances service closed-loop, via the Internet to improve the whole operational efficiency of electrical appliances service industry chain.

maccha beauty makeup for tens of millions of dollars A + round, round led as its capital. Since August, maccha beauty makeup will try water makeup electricity business.

enjoy science 50 million A round of funding, for the cloud of venture investment. Enjoy the enjoy kang kang science and technology, mall is health class vertical mobile electric business platform.

the popurality network for tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, for goods sheng capital investment. The popurality net is zhengzhou local fresh O2O platform.

Professional dream

for tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, led by chang ‘an private equity, le, bertelsmann, Infinity Ventures Partners (IVP) and three executives and financial institutions. Career is a vertical recruitment in the field of financial platform.

Baby Hero 10 million yuan of the Pre – A round of financing, the investor for HuaRui investment. Baby Hero intelligent temperature measurement into the Baby health management, product has intelligent thermometer Hero Baby.

JiaoJiao 10 million yuan angel rounds of financing, investors including zhongke merchants, assembly, softbank saif, etc. JiaoJiao develop some general template, including enrollment, rob tickets, voting, proposals, such as the lost and found, for college students and other student organization of your customized use micro letter home page.

hair O2O star guest more for millions of dollars in angel rounds of financing, the innovation works, lee, Ming potential ming-ming huang and angel collects the joint investment of capital. Star guest is a company dedicated to the haircut perfectly Internet + beauty industry company.

online store platform love fresh bee B rounds of financing, the investor is hillhouse capital, sequoia capital. Love fresh bee is a online store platform based on LBS.

58 city for 1 billion remake chinahr goal 3 years industry first

58 city is expected to invest 1 billion yuan to support the development of net of China person of outstanding ability. 58 city, the CEO of Yao Jinbo, according to the overall goal is to make chinahr three years to become the first in the industry.

Himalayan FM audio sharing platform is introduced into text reading group

domestic Himalayan FM audio sharing platform, announced that the introduction of the world’s largest Chinese digital reading platform reading group as strategic investors, copyright cooperation agreement signed at the same time, as literature adaptation, literature IP derivative development of audio content to agree.

foreign article:

Palantir Technologies won $450 million in financing, the investor is not clear. Palantir Technologies is a mysterious large data company in silicon valley, this round of financing its $20 billion valuation.

Leadspace $18 million B round and score Leadspace provide predictive diabetes mellitus is a B2B service start-ups.

HolidayIQ won a $15 million investment, the investor to the company. HolidayIQ provide travel community and vacation recommendation engine is a service company, based in bangalore.

Popular Pays won $2 million in financing. Is the Popular Pays them ads intermediary platform. In Popular Pays mode, advertisers can describe their advertising activities, sets of users to participate in the price of the AD campaign.

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