on July 23 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

domestic article:

buy car for one hundred million yuan A round of funding, the aurora borealis venture led, angel investors innovation works with. Buy car was established in July 2014, is a parallel imports electrical contractor.

ZhuoShi logistics investment 30 million yuan, the investor for KaiShi capital etc. ZhuoShi logistics focus on technology innovation and business model innovation of science and technology, providing customers with logistics, maintenance, repair and operating supplies (MRO) industrial integration, positioning products, technologies and services of B2B logistics equipment vertical electric business platform.

hand health won A round of investment of $20 million. Handy APP is a foot massage massage O2O enterprises, in 2015 officially launched in May.

feng cast net A round of investment 20 million yuan, the investor for CPT capital, the real investment. Feng cast net is an Internet auto financing platform.

drug terminal network A + round by tens of millions of yuan, (GGV) led by GGV capital, investors partners China and A round, grain capital letter to continue to serve as consultants company exclusive financing. Drug terminal network is a professional engaged in third-party B2B e-commerce transactions in the field of pharmaceutical circulation service platform.

SaaS love of human resource management employees angel round investment ten million yuan, the investor for the anime Cai Dongqing chairman. Love is one of the employees of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide personnel management, recruitment management, social security management, training management, human resources management tools such as wages, welfare management SaaS provider.

TangScan by sequoia capital investment, and did not disclose the specific amount. TangScan (tang dynasty safe cruise) by the dark clouds team, designed to connect good hole digging, security analysis of white hat and have a security requirements of enterprise.

To stop

angel round investment. That parking is an indoor navigation and positioning technology company.

pay treasure 250 million yuan of investment, investors for Oriental wealth. Oriental wealth treasure to pay a 27% stake in the parent company. Pay treasure is a third-party payment platform, focused on electronic payment and Internet financial sector, the current products and services are widely used in such as: B2C online mall, more than 30 industry such as B2B e-commerce market.

wal-mart to buy “1 shop” all outstanding shares will be owned by the company

wal-mart announced it had bought 1 store all outstanding shares, owned by the company. Wal-mart’s global e-commerce business in Asia, President and CEO wang will lead 1 shop.
After a wholly-owned holding 1 store, wal-mart plans by investing in accelerating the development of electronic commerce, at the same time in the network, mobile and entity shop to create a seamless experience for the user.

foreign article:

unique won $50 million in a new round of financing. Unique confirm company founder have introduced by new investors investment of $50 million, the company will use the money for extended engineers and sales team, to support more DaTiLiang readers and publishers.

Continuum Analytics won $24 million in financing, by BuildGroup and General Catalyst Partners led. Continuum Analytics is a Python distributors, can customize the Python distributions for the enterprise.

Cazena $20 million B round, 8 led by Formation, Andreessen Horowitz and North Bridge Venture Partners to vote. Cazena is a new platform to help companies deal with data.

multinational currency platform BitX won $4 million in financing, led by Naspers group, digital currency group to vote. BitX headquartered in Singapore, for emerging markets such as southeast Asia and Africa wallet, exchange and merchants and docking services.

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