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domestic article:

big safeguard insurance sale platform for 180 million yuan A round of financing, the investor to source vc, vc, brothers capital. Big safeguard is a focus on health insurance and accident risk services platform, insist to do safeguard model products, especially for children and women’s two big groups.

O2O flowers brand love is flowers for financing, more than 100 million yuan by ding feng capital investment. Love is flower has been through sets up the O2O flowers brand, leading global city flowers sent straight and O2O express delivery of fresh flowers.

hotel B2B online direct marketing platform spiders travel network one hundred million yuan level A round of funding, led by jun union capital. Spiders travel network is an online travel Internet technology platform company.

massage O2O platform hua tuo! $10 million for A round of funding, by thousands of joint ventures, etc. for department of fund and ali. Its business model is to integrate offline and online competitive resources data management technology, users choose to technicians directly on the platform, massage service for door to door or to the store.

Love chef

grade tens of millions of dollars A round of funding, led by the datai capital, and 500 lottery network. Love is to provide professional chef cooks door-to-door service App.

First order hisa

for tens of millions of dollars to B round, investors for tencent. This first order to provide users with online ordering and direct order service.

Garfield mobile game developers Animoca Brands won a $2.3 million investment, investors for boring technology. Animoca Brands to focus on for iOS and Google Play is adapted from famous TV or comics mobile game.

lazy goods net for tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, for jun lian capital investment. Lazy rich network is a P2C mode of the Internet in their lending and investment banking services web site.

beauty makeup electricity day skynet B round, Chen kun, xue barbarian for refs. Skynet is authentic in the field of vertical B2C cosmetics shopping website.

salted fish game won A round of funding, the Huayi Brothers Media Corporation led, dynamic domain capital, JingLin investment, capital and assembly. Salted fish is a mobile phone game release agent, the agent products are “crazy cut three 2”, “the princess run”, “the wire in The Three Kingdoms”, etc.

foreign article:

Brazil online travel agents Hotel Urbano won a $60 million investment, investors for Priceline. Priceline will use its Booking.com for Hotel Urbano providing Hotel resource reservation in addition to Latin America.

glasses online sellers in Kuala Lumpur GlaSSEsGroupGlobal $3 million for A round of funding, from Nova founders Capital, relent Capital joint collar, Skype co-founder Tovio Annus angel investors and, etc. GlassesGroupGlobal claims is Asia’s leading online glasses platform.

Bizzy won a $2.5 million investment, investors for Ardent Capital, and Bizzy announced the formation of Bizzy. Co. id, joined the Indonesian young of B2B electronic business platform. Bizzy help distributors for the network management, and constantly meet the logistics of B2B business customers requirements. Bizzy announced the formation of Bizzy. Co. id, add Indonesian young of B2B electronic business platform.

Talent. IO won $2.2 million in financing, the investor is Oleg Tscheltzoff, Olivier Sirven, etc. Talent. IO is a engineer recruitment company, tend to shape a more extensibility model that can simultaneously for engineers and technical service company.

Delhi credit insurance analysis platform Indialends for financing, by DSG in Singapore Customer Partners, led, private equity investor Siddharth Parekh, etc to vote. The funding will be used in mumbai and bangalore, and other new cities or regions to carry out all kinds of lending business.

Indonesia hand swim Startups Touchten for financing, the investor for Japanese mobile game Gree, 500 Startups. The company will launch three nuclear game and 16 in the leisure game, 25 leisure game plans to release in 2016.

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