on July 16 (word/land full of red)

domestic article:

beauty O2O platform beauty industry state for 60 million yuan A round of funding, for chunxiao capital investment. The beauty industry is a Beijing for beauty salon and hairdressing O2O platform of consumers.

nanny service O2O platform company treasure 12 million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding. Company treasure from the registration link, including company registration, tax agents, reasonable tax avoidance, trademark registration, change, patent applications, company social security, legal services, such as nearly 200 kinds of products and services, segment covers enterprise initial, growth period, mature period.

B2B platform for outbound tourism practice network 10 million yuan of the Pre – A round of financing, the investor to the purple glow vc. Acting on the web is a B2B platform for the outbound tourism product distribution, guangzhou target audience is overseas travel products suppliers and distributors.

mobile social financial platform friend fan 10 million yuan angel round. Friends fan is a based on trust between mobile social financial applications.

wedding photography O2O company find take won millions angel round. Search is a photography O2O platform, users can bypass the studio direct booking like a photographer, photo released by the photographer looking for like the photographer, the read information technology co., LTD. Shanghai’s products.

eight male beauty pet pet O2O platform won millions angel rounds of financing, the investor is iresearch group chairman qing-wei Yang. Eight male beauty dandle service pay more attention to the family pet scene.

foreign article:

the video image sharing community Flipagram $70 million B round and investors for sequoia capital, Index Ventures, etc. Flipagram is a targeting young people group video image sharing community, is said to be the platform already owns “tens of millions of monthly active users in the world.”

the scientific health company Arivale $36 million B round and investors for the ARCH Venture Partners, Polaris Partners. Arivale aimed at combining gene detection and lifestyle data, from the level of physical and mental, to personal health assessment and guidance.

U.S. commercial real estate management platform VTS $21 million B round, by OpenView Venture Partners, led, Trinity Partners to vote. VTS help real estate owners, brokers and investors use data to make a decision.

Singapore financial start-up Fastcash $15 million B round, by Rising Dragon Singapore collar, Life SREDA, UVM 2 Venture Investments such as LP to vote. Fastacash online payment is a start-up company, allows the user to do value transfer through the social networking and text messaging platform.

French mail service provider Maijet $11 million B round of financing, the investor for Iris Capital, Alven Capital, Seventure. After this round of financing, Maijet obtained funds will be used for global expansion, and improve their tools, will lead to more personalized email using experience for users.

the public-key encryption tool Keybase won A $10.8 million round of financing, the investor of Andreessen Horowitz. Keybase encryption to protect the end user from the trouble of too complicated, at the same time let the code more concise, easy to auditing and circulation.

us for high-end computer simulation platform Rescale won $6.4 million in A round of financing, the investor for Sam Altman, bezos, Richard Branson, etc. Rescale built a software platform and hardware infrastructure, to provide enterprise organization in need of science and engineering of the simulation calculation based on the cloud.

Indian restaurant customer management and marketing platform Mobikon won $2.3 million in financing, investment risk investment institutions in Singapore for Jungle Ventures. Mobikon provides a digital platform, consumers can interact on the platform and the restaurant. They also provide a control panel for restaurants, the restaurant can use the control panel to provide service for the customer, such as scheduled and feedback, and on marketing to consumers.

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