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domestic article:

available net investment 320 million yuan, the investor for zhejiang kahn bei pharmaceutical co., LTD. Available network is a Shanghai focusing on the glasses and nursing business online pharmacies.

best routine travel network received nearly 200 million yuan financing, by thousands of joint ventures, etc. for dot eyeball, flying pigs, capital, and liberal capital, etc. The travel network is a Beijing cheng online outbound travel O2O domestic enterprises.

city supply chain distribution cloud bird for tens of millions of dollars to B round of funding. Led by sequoia capital, A round of matrix partners, investors and GSR ventures and huge capital. Cloud bird is a Beijing city domestic distribution platform, the resources of transport capacity by integrating mass social enterprise distribution requirements and social capacity matching precision, superposition and exquisite service at the same time, created a new city supply chain distribution model.

kingdee 58.8 million yuan of investment, investors for tai chi. Tai chi shares 58.8 million yuan to buy kingdee middleware combined 21% stake. Kingdee is a shenzhen middleware software, online management and e-business services.

goods association A round of investment 50 million yuan, from CDH investments, capital and red rock joint investment fund three institutions. Goods association is a focus on China’s securities market dynamic analysis, and reporting information service platform.

d guarding for 20 million yuan A round of funding, led by Hong Kong feng yun make investment. D save edge network focused on marriage, emotion, separation of a third party.

mua whoosh for tens of millions of yuan B round of investment, mua sou is a one-stop shopping overseas service platform in shenzhen, to transnational e-commerce and social shopping overseas online shopping platform as the core, provide consumers with a timely understanding of overseas fashion discount information and improve the people shopping experience and the consumption level of social networking without borders shopping platform.

big fish angel financing for tens of millions of yuan, the investor for personal funds. A fresh big fish is wuhan O2O platform.

general that occupy the home for tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, children’s fund investors for the tiger. Pass that occupy the home is a chengdu focus on domestic outfit O2O platform of logistics, maintenance, maintenance services, mainly to provide household long-distance logistics, installation, maintenance, cleaning and other services.

travel App there travel 12 million angels, travel there is a service for outbound travel user tools App.

Begin ONE grade must Pre – A round of financing, the investor information were not disclosed. The Begin ONE is the intelligent hybrid of a bicycle.

luxuriant tzu ten million yuan angel rounds of financing, the financing in the form of equity and the raise of participants including high-dimension capital founder sun gang, le beau capital founding partner Qiao Shunchang etc 12 senior investor or entrepreneur, and angel investment institutions is very famous. Luxuriant tzu is a Beijing based on China’s market consumption upgrade media + brand investment and incubation platform.

U home works received nearly ten million yuan of angel financing, led by the Shanghai investment institutions. U home works is a decoration company in chengdu, decorate base items do the transition.

where enterprise network angel investment 4 million yuan. Where enterprise network is a Shanghai specialized service on enterprise registration.

vein degree of physical therapy millions angel investment, investors for yoshiko fitness. Degree of pulse physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a Beijing to provide professional door-to-door massage, massage and physical therapy health care O2O service platform.

one thousand won millions of science and technology of seed angel rounds of financing, capital investors for meters storehouse. One thousand is a mobile Internet technology company hangzhou science and technology, the current main product is a smartphone calendar the Date and time management tool.

U8store one million yuan level of angel investment. U8store is a Shanghai campus online shopping platform.

storm technology quasi 51 million holding Internet platform for performing arts

storm technology will cooperate with gestures in shenzhen technology co., LTD., invested 51 million holding an Internet platform for performing arts company. Gestures technology capital contribution in cash 500000 yuan to set up the target company. Mark after its establishment, the storm of science and technology in cash 51 million yuan increase endowment spread to the target company, after the capital increase, the storm technology holds 51% stake in the target company.

foreign article:

Crowdstrike , won a $100 million investment for Google capital investment. CrowdStrike is one of America’s information security company, the company to provide cloud computing tools, help the government and enterprises to find and stop hacking is happening.

BitFury won $20 million in financing, the investor for the DRW Venture Capital, iTech Capital, etc. BitFury is one of America’s currency block chain technology infrastructure providers and transaction processing companies.

Lybrate won A $10.2 million round of financing, the investor as the tiger global fund, Ratan Tata, chairman of the Tata group, reputation, as well as from the Nexus Venture Partners, A group of investors. Lybrate health communication platform is an Indian company, the medical platform can make patients by mobile App and online anytime and anywhere, anonymous communication with the doctor.

Leesa $9 million for A round of funding, by TitleCard Capital investment. Leesa is a luxury mattresses electricity company in the United States.

BLender won $5 million in financing, investors in the United States leading vc Blumberg Capital. BLender is an Israeli P2P lending platform, after get the financing plan in the next few months will expand to Western Europe and Latin America.

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