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domestic article:

almond doctor $200 million B round, led by tongxie decoction capital, A round of investor sequoia China and angel investors and the speed of light AnZhen China. Almond doctors for Shanghai a mobile medical APP, main function is to provide patient with two-way communication, doctors and patients, and provide follow-up, tracking, communication, retrieval function, at the same time, patients can also establish long-term stable contact with the doctor.

1 truck for hundreds of millions of yuan B round, jointly by DCM and sequoia capital investment. One truck is a Shanghai city freight APP, mainly through the way of “point to point” connection truck driver and owner of the goods, want to build up a consumer demand and frequency combination of city freight platform.

palm in the world one hundred million yuan of financing, the investor for the lake in the south fund. Palm in the world is one of the Internet e-commerce professional network technology companies, after this round of financing, to speed up the in-depth and integration of regional retail markets, increase investment in r&d and service station construction, establish a more perfect small and medium-sized supermarket supply chain electric business platform.

tutor O2O asked him to teach A + round of funding for 86 million yuan. Group led by surplus letter investment, early investors plum venture, new letter vc com, 51. com chairman all continue to vote. After get this round of financing, ask him to teach key urban scale will continue to expand, and establish the teachers’ training center and system, enhance core competitiveness.

wooden bird short rent 60 million yuan A round of funding, the plum blossom venture led. Wooden bird rent is a Beijing tourist accommodation hotel online booking platform.

mustangs live ten million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding, led by jiuhe vc, Mr Wang to throw. Wild horse field is a Beijing music live performances at home and abroad to the Chinese fans live APP.

the raise customer angel investment 10 million yuan, the investor for Song Yuhai, WoShi investment and other industries and institutions. To raise the guest in the local business, with the aid of local equity raise form, for entrepreneurs and businesses to raise money, raise, raise customer resources, at the same time for investors to find high-quality brands around.

I angel round investment 10 million yuan, the investor capital for cattle. By me is a hangzhou perpendicular to the platform of C2C e-commerce Internet counseling.

from the net for nearly ten million yuan of investment, investment funds for the hawks and qing kechuang control. From the network online recruitment pattern that is based on the analysis of the requirements and conditions for both job seekers and enterprises to match the two sides.

and who swam 6 million yuan angel round, by a listed company executives kiway led. And who is a Shanghai overseas tourism C2C platform.

intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder meow small pupil won nearly 5 million yuan angel financing the investor is too firebird, rice warehouse, buttonwood capital TongWei bright, seed round the investor for the angel bay.

Jia Yueting spend 95.91 million to buy the media’s 35.58% stake in

le networks Jia Yueting recently chairman in average price of 4.91 yuan per share, buy north media’s 19.533 million shares, assets of 95.91 million yuan, after the deal, the north good positions held by the media’s rose to 0% from 35.58%.

north media advertising sales and other business, mainly engaged in the layout agent paper mainly for the government in Beijing, the Beijing youth daily.

foreign article:

Paktor $7.3 million B round of financing, the investor for Vertex Venture Holdings investment (peak), Majuven and Convergence Ventures. Paktor is a Singapore meet to let people communicate with each other, and to determine relationships date of application.

Ameyo $5 million for A round of funding, investment for A company called Forum Synergies private-equity firms. Ameyo is India, a multi-channel customer service and contact center solutions company.

BerryKitchen $1.25 million for A round of funding, for Sovereign investors’ s Capital, A venture Capital company and East Ventures. BerryKitchen startup, an Indonesian cuisine, Indonesia local first line catering system is developed.

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