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domestic article:

$one hundred million investment, international investors for the purple light. Acadine is a mobile operating system startup, the company is headquartered in Hong Kong.

juyou network investment 165 million yuan, the investor for Zhejiang Jingu Co., Ltd. Fuzhou juyou network its 273 used car network is based on the O2O platform used car trade, a comprehensive service provider to provide brokerage, detection, after-sale protection, financial products and other value-added products and services.

infront sports investment 124 million yuan, the investor is the Oriental pearl tower. The Oriental pearl tower and the Chinese culture industry investment fund foreign investment, joint jointly owned infront sports no more than a 5% stake. Infront sports media group, headquartered in zug, Switzerland, is a sports marketing company.

intelligent terminal platform is straight for $10 million for A round of funding, venture investors are blue. Easy straight for twenty four affiliated to nanjing network technology co., LTD., focusing on intelligent terminal industry chain of vertical B2B electronic business platform.

“suki angel investment 50 million yuan, the investor for a domestic well-known venture capital institutions. The suki is a domestic leading brand healthy weight loss.

58 car peilian

for 31 million yuan A round of funding, capital brought by China, 58 city with pitch. 58 is a focus on driving training in the field of domestic car peilian O2O start-ups.

happy lay network 3.6 million yuan of investment, investors for bono vc. After the completion of the capital increase, bono venture holds a lay network 30% stake. Le mesh cutting is a Shanghai professional men’s custom B2C mall, mainly through O2O mode CITYSUIT brand men’s clothing customization services.

accumulate village won millions angel rounds of investment, investors for CPT capital. Accumulate village is a focus on loan practitioners mobile community.

fitness O2O barbie hot mama grade millions of angel investment, VC investors for Star huang xiaoming. Barbie hot mama is a Beijing disintermediated one-on-one appointment coach service platform, funds will be used in the expansion of the city, the team recruiting, running and promotion of products, etc.

hand swim issuing company on the morning of for investment, undisclosed amount, and investors for the Unity game industry investment fund. Shanghai morning the division was established in 2013, is a focus on mobile entertainment and application of new technology development and operation of the company. Has the agent such as “white plan”, “the monster sharpshooter” overseas game.

PMS provider inscription rock technology angel investment, investors for platinum group. Ming rock technology was established in 2011 in guangzhou, is a focus on hotel information construction of enterprises.

high-yun fei to hit hk $2.7 billion in the United States grams of tencent and Chen guoqiang investment

according to the Hong Kong stock exchange disclosed according to the latest high-yun fei and tencent holdings, as well as Hong Kong king “shell” Chen guoqiang and at the same time buy beauty international sporting goods manufacturers.

the three for the price of hk $0.2 a share, bought the grams of 13.5 billion shares, 5.3 billion shares and 1 billion shares, assets of hk $2.7 billion and hk $1.06 billion and hk $200 million, a total of hk $3.96 billion. As an enterprise of fujian, the main business is manufacture of sporting goods, more than 300 stores in mainland China.

foreign article:

India flash sales website Fashion and
won $50 million in a new round of financing, by the American venture capital firm Morgan kerry (Morgan Creek) led. FashionAndYou was founded in 2010, is a fashion from India flash sales site.

Plated $35 million B round and investors for Greycroft Partners and Formation of 8. Plated is an American weekly order electricity the ingredients of raw materials.

Pager won $14 million in financing, the investor for the New Enterprise Associates and SoundVentures. Pager is an emergency patients, providing patients with New York City with 8 am to 10 PM of telemedicine “on-demand doctor service” company.

India B2B logistics platform Roadrunnr won $11 million in financing, investment institutions for sequoia capital, the Nexus Venture Partners and Blume Ventures. Roadrunnr is a B2B platform from bangalore, India, is also a local logistics services provider.

Picwell a $4 million investment, by Massachusetts mutual life insurance company led the risk of investment department. Picwell is a located in Philadelphia, to help consumers choose health insurance company.

Welkin Health $2 million seed investment, investors to Rock the Health, Asset Management, etc. Founded in 2013 in the Welkin Health is located in San Francisco, it provides solutions to personal Health management method, in August 2014 to join Rock Health.

teaching tools Kaizena seed round of funding for $900000, by NewSchools and Horizons Ventures (harbour investment) joint investment. Kaizena headquartered in Waterloo, Canada, based on Kaizena, teachers can be modified to student’s work, and by voice annotations and video solutions and other means to give feedback to each student.

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