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domestic article:

vauen data received $100 million C round of financing, the investor of haitong securities. Vauen data is comprehensive cloud computing service provider to cloud services portfolio, cloud support capacity and cloud CDN technology is committed to be independent of cloud computing service providers and one-stop cloud cooperation platform.

Testin cloud test won $54.9 million in a new round of funding, led by sea silver capital, ficus altissima and IDG capital and capital. Beijing cloud network measurement technology is committed to providing mobile Internet real machine cloud services.

digital music company A8 new media 300 million yuan of financing, the investor for alvin liu and its concerted action controlling shareholders (and the world science and technology of hong technology). Alvin liu, after the completion of constant increase and the concerted action person shareholding will increase to 52.67%.

Orient finance net for 200 million yuan A round of funding, led by JingLin investment, capital and other institutions and han. Data shows, the east finance network was founded in 2010, the east financing network to solve the micro, small and medium enterprises financing difficulties, financing problems, through the combination of online for micro, small and medium enterprises financing, equity financing and debt financing policy, integrated financing solutions such as listed.

vocabulary technology $200 million B round and participation by Shanghai media group and hunan radio and television group set up by the led industry fund, citic built for securities investment funds to throw. Vocabulary of science and technology was founded in 2013, focusing on the application for advertisers and developers to provide quality users access to integrated solutions, precise marketing and flow can be sold and turned into money.

campus O2O platform to an received 110 million yuan A round of funding, led by JingLin capital and share capital. An to also based on the demand characteristics of college students’ consumption and services, use of LBS location service and APP, for college students to provide catering, part-time, financial transactions, four different services.

MarsTV $100 million B round and investors for a number of network technology, the former guangzhou China hai kai yuan asset management, everbright capital fund sports industry. MarsTV is a e-sports game platform, provide game video, strategy, sporting events, BBS and other services.

lingyun intelligence won A $10 million round of funding, the extremely KeBang venture led, cloud fund, broadband, sequoia capital China, is very serious, hillhouse with vc institutions, such as shot. Lingyun intelligence is a two rounds of the electric car start-up company.

appear to be financial for tens of millions of dollars A round of funding, sharing led by shenzhen. Valued at nearly $. Appear to be financial is a focus on car insurance financial platform of the Internet.

Sleepace shu send $44.056 million B round, by luo lai home textile, jingdong, and shots. Sleepace shu pie is a start-up company focused on the areas of sleep health, recently launched “RestOn” wearable intelligent detection equipment.

landscape to received nearly 20 million yuan, the Pre – A round of funding, led by famous domestic listed investment company, games and excellence. Landscape is a H5 game makers, with game bird lovers, “meow fighter”, etc.

cool cat for tens of millions of yuan A round of investment, the investor is A well-known domestic investment institutions. Cool cat is a domestic store O2O system service provider.

chongqing fire edge step 1 won A round of funding, more than ten million yuan of chongqing fire edge step is A H5 game developers.

Seven plus two

grade must financing, investors for Beijing feng hui capital management co., LTD. Founded in 2014, seven and two technology co., LTD. Tianjin focus on outdoor sports Tours and market, to the intelligent outdoor layout, its business is divided into two aspects of B2B and B2C.

western vegetarian rice a clear control kechuang angel rounds of investment, 5 million by the qing kechuang led control. Have a meal main western vegetarian positioning.

UI China to win millions of yuan angel round, led by millet, thunderstorm capital and eagle fund to vote. UI predecessor was founded in 2008, China for interaction designers to build professional BBS Iconfans.

foreign article:

Made.com for over $60 million in financing, by Partech Growth Fund, a collar, Fidelity Growth Partners and company Level original investor Equity support. Made.com is one of America’s household electricity, the funds to accelerate its business expansion in Europe.

Sysdig won a $10.7 million investment in the first round, led by Accel and bain capital. Sysdig is a system debugging tools, can carry on the troubleshooting and monitoring to the system, at the time of system failure is very practical.

Descomplica $8 million B round of investment. Descomplica is a Brazilian education O2O company.

HackerRank won a $7.5 million investment, investors for Japan’s giant Recruit human resources. HackerRank is hiring a programmer competition platform, allows applicants to complete the real project online programming challenges, to screen for the enterprise ability outstanding, conform to the technical personnel recruitment requirements.

electronic identity card company ShoCard won a $1.5 million investment, investors to Morado Ventures Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, and other institutions. ShoCard is an electronic id card App, by the user’s personal information stored in the chain of blocks.

Luna won a $1.3 million investment, investors for private investors. Luna is a research and development of intelligent mattress, the mattress can adjust temperature, record your sleep patterns and be able to connect to it equipment.

Ketto won $700000 in financing, from Calcutta Angels members Pradyumna Dalmia as well as from The Chennai Angels of Sudhir Rao lead shot. Ketto is a headquartered in mumbai, India, the raised platform.

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