July 10 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

domestic article:

operation box won A $10 million round of funding, better future by led, liu, ZhangZe days, star of lenovo and angel investors. Homework box is a focus on k-12 Internet company in the field of education.

Commander room

for tens of millions of dollars investment, venture capital investors to jiufu group, the plum blossom angel, AC – INDEX. Room commander was established in January 2015, is a domestic rental installment platform, deep ploughing in the field of rent installment.

blue media for 50 million yuan A round of investment, led by the CDH capital, capital and industry capital and rock. Blue whale media made up of five large business sectors: serving the financial journalist blue whale financial journalist working platform, provide service for the B end institutional investors bee network system, provide information service for end user C goods association, and the blue whale TMT for TMT industry and focus on the spread of the mobile muddy water from media gateway.

see doll 30 million yuan of the pre – A round of financing, the investor for plum blossom and Ann who throws the angels. To women “home” as the core product, the doll is a home for kindergarten produced mobile phone APP.

prep net love angel investment 20 million yuan. Love preparatory net is a China international education online learning and service platform.

golden swan ten million yuan of the Pre – A round of financing, the investor is A background of investment institutions. Golden swan mainly for small and medium-sized independent hotels for three to six cities provide private cloud PMS.

news that baidu take-out won $200 million in financing And will split

industry news today, baidu take-away is close to finalise a $200 million financing, valuation of about $800 million. After baidu take-out independent financing, business will be split from baidu.

Yao Jinbo to jingdong raise led the “net” straight order

network will direct order through the suggests 5.5 million yuan, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo as led people to participate in. Direct booking network is a high-end hotels from media direct sales platform, is committed to high-end hotels provide micro website building, hotel marketing, member promotion and other services.

foreign article:

India music streaming media company Saavn for C $100 million round of funding, the Tiger Global led, bertelsmann, Steadview Capital to vote. Used Saavn Pro applications, users can listen to music, not only can not subject to advertising.

Influtive $30.5 million B round and Georgian Partners led, OurCrowd, Atlas and etc. Influitive focused on B2B market, let the consumer to enterprise’s product or service recommended to the people around.

mobile News service News In Shorts $20 million B round, tiger global fund led by existing investors. It is understood that the News In Shorts is a flagship News application of the Indian market, about 60 News every day, each less than 60 words.

Zoomcar won a $11 million investment, investors for sequoia capital, Empire Angels, NGP Advisors, India. Zoomcar is India a company want to reserve a car from flooding.

GitLab $1.5 million seed round of funding. GitLab dedicates itself to providing a Git distributed open source code escrow and collaboration.

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