cloud network hunting note: with the development of science and technology, network technology gradually spread to all fields, automatic driving system is one of the main achievements. Self-driving cars rely on artificial intelligence, the computer can be in the absence of any human active operation, automatic operation of motor vehicles safely.

Google’s self-driving lexus SUV racing in mountain view, calif., company headquarters near the scene is very common, but recently the company plans to test of new car moved to the southern city.

earlier on Tuesday, Google announced the Austin, Texas as a company the latest testing self-driving cars. The test model is primarily a lexus RX45h SUV series, have been able to see it in the city of Austin flying figure, the remaining few models also will arrive later this week in Austin.

Google since 2012 began in mountain view drive of suvs, while the change of the testbed will be debut outside of autopilot system in California, and the test drive is not only a few minor demonstration, but a wider range of tests.

this test will take place in a variety of different scenarios, so as to deepen the development of the automatic driving technology, at the same time also shows that Google in its development goals, transfer to other regions outside the gulf.

a Google spokesman said the company is now from initial stage to a new stage. In the initial stage, they are doing is in drive technology is how to operate. And a new phase of development and test of main goal is to understand or to explore the value of drive technology really exist, including not only view and interact with the way of the user, including us in the process of operation and improve it by facing the reality of the environment.

for Google, Austin is gradually becoming an important base, it not only has some of Google’s office, and Google optical network development and run one of the three major cities. Companies want to Austin residents to self-driving positive Suggestions and opinions.

in fact, Texas and was not specifically driving legislation allows for the bearing. Texas senate encourage and regulate automated driving legislation is pending, the bill encountered opposition from Google and other auto makers.

with Austin and no clear legislation related, Google on city streets test since the drive does not need to get the permission of the local government. In spite of this, the company still before the test drive with the governor’s office, the ministry of transport and other official bodies met to discuss.

in Google’s recently published monthly self-drive report, talked about the two cars happened in mountain view to test-drive the vehicle collision, and the other with Google self-driving and Delphi self-drive “close” is ignored nature,

residents of Austin, when you see Google self-driving from don’t panic, because lexus self-drive also has the brake pedal, steering wheel and other equipment for manual operation.


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