community O2O door-to-door service has covered including nail art, beauty, massage, cook, cleaning and so on various aspects, the App also emerge in endlessly. So is it possible for these communities O2O vertical to do a consolidation? Hunting cloud network reported today in the “fast” is solved the problem.

“fast” based on the Beijing market, more than 2000 communities with the help of mobile Internet technology and the way of online and offline “lazy, busy,” for the community to provide on-demand type personal assistant, help the community residents to solve things in life, for example, life service consumption, scheduling, schedule to remind, information consulting, etc. Products on May 29, 2015 in micro letter online public platform, the App will be launched in September.

the current China’s “Internet +” niche has deep into the respective industries and services in the field of APP emerge in endlessly, according to statistics, at present China has about 200000 mobile APP is put in the APP store, each mobile terminal on the average an APP in around 30, in addition to the actual utilization alipay, micro letter large BAT’s trump card products, such as other APP utilization are below 0.5%, in the face of application fragmentation and service the fragmentation of the situation, the user community groups have a lot of the precision demand “lazy, busy people” do not want to because of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, tour, shopping, beauty, teaching, medical, marriage and so on of chores take up much of his time, also can’t stand need service at the same time, must first to search and download all kinds of APP, register each APP account, choose a variety of services in the APP.

in the market, after further investigation and analysis for the “fast” founder Zhou Liu found that part of the group to select and comparison, excessive APP users feel overwhelmed. “Run fast” is just saw a big pain points, hence to the community residents have made the information aggregation, by the high frequency of low value service as the breakthrough point, for example: super buy on sb’s behalf, laundry services, drug purchasing, order and other agents, attract community “lazy or busy people to pay attention to consumption, and at the same time, continuously introduce her cleaning, maintenance, and low frequency of services such as handling, massage, decorate, dimensions meet user needs.

“fast” more accurately, an application entry, human interaction, for the user to solve the things in life. Users without registration “fast”, as long as micro letter scan code can have their own private life assistant. In Zhou Liu terms is: as long as the demand for legal, “run fast” can help you solve.

“fast” has its own user location. Community service consumer survey showed that 70% community of users of consumer behavior are fixed, precise, private life assistant “fast” catch is that 70% of constant consumption users, namely the formation of certain commodities consumption habits of people.

“fast” to do “the arrival of the economy” and “lazy people” in the community of a comprehensive service platform, is a community of O2O “baidu”. The “fast” main service scope in Beijing huilongguan surrounding communities, act as purchasing agency service types including supermarket buy on sb’s behalf, pharmacy, jingle, such as 12, plan at the end of the year expanded to include manicure, community, the door cook of 26 kinds of agents.

at the same time, the “fast” is faced with two problems. On the one hand, users of the acceptance of the formats is not high, the consumption habit of the user is still not fully established; On the other hand, the user suspicious of service content and quality. Aiming at this problem, Zhou Liu tell hunting cloud network, “fast” will arrange a week for all the cooperation supplier for stage, and then put the seeds to test the user the crowd, as far as the door of the professional skills class service, will promptly do telephone pays a return visit, constantly improve supplier base.

about earnings, Zhou Liu said that currently don’t consider a problem from the view of get commercial value, and from the cost into consideration. Cost reduction methods are mainly two points, one is to establish a “Shared economy”, make the community residents own prince “trot, busy people have lazy people have idle people in their communities, with the concept of community trot you reduce their distribution costs; Second, transforming, transforming the service system to make it more intelligent, “fast” are artificial customer service at present, some with artificial intelligence services, but in the development of the future, with a better understanding of the user consumption data, it will use artificial intelligence is adopted to reduce artificial customer input costs.

about the future development plan, to hunt Zhou Liu cloud network, according to the “fast” will use the “three steps” strategy. The emphasis is on the first step of information collection and aggregation, do a good job in the role of the trimmer, cultivate the consumption habit of the user; The second step is to carry on the design, will be based on user consumption records, and in different periods of concern for the user to design the service plan; The third step is to enter the family, “fast” will be on the basis of large data, intelligent processing technology as the core, the link to the house all the software and hardware equipment, combining the resources of the third party service system, in one of the most simple way of communication, to meet the demand of family life.

“fast” existing users of more than 3000 people, orders for an average of 70 single/day. Currently covered huilongguan 7 community. Plan on the business in December 2015 will cover all 12 large continuous community more than 3000 households in Beijing, audience is expected to reach 115000, had 36000 registered users, active users reached 1800.

founder Zhou Liu as a serial entrepreneur, Internet experience for many years, the team is currently more than 20 people, has completed hundreds of millions of yuan angel rounds of financing.