(article/Song Xu ran)

“IT coal mine workers”, “code farmers” and other words used to describe the typical program apes have enough by now: stay up late to work overtime as the norm, cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra diseases are common, write code has already a eat their green (shen), spring (ti). The spirit of fast code, give full play to the package, the program to be hell apes together, save each other, too, seems to be good.

a period to three months of project, program with two hard luck, may need to stay up late to work overtime day by day. But if is twenty program apes together? Efficiency will raise and the time limit for a project will be sharply reduced. Fast code, the project into three to seven days of small tasks, and pushed to program the ape, relief program ape to work overtime for a long time, to achieve rapid completion of this project.

after the registration process going ape grade evaluation, professional ability and push the corresponding level task is fast code to guarantee the quality of enterprise project. Current assessment completed by professional and technical personnel, the main assessment program for the project development time and working time. The grading process time is about 4 days, divided into K1 – k10/19 dated, K2 above task is more, quest rewards can withdraw funds directly. Such as monster level model, the application of apes life became interesting RPG game?

and the cost of the project of enterprise in advance delivery and send platform is to program the ape job security. Any subsequent amendment to the project, fast code will assess assessment to ensure that the interests of both sides.

competing goods, with for crowdsourcing Sekai Lab and implement nets, but involves the field wide, do not write code vertical. Pig eight quit and wisdom outside package outsourcing project dedicated to enterprise demand docking, looking for the contracted project. “Fast code through crowdsourcing, for companies looking for technical personnel, in such aspects as communication project, the hardware facilities and time to save the cost and speed up development, especially accelerating start-ups grow.” Fast code CEO and CTO Zhu Xiongye tell hunting cloud network.

fast code launched in March, orders in May, is now registered 6000 programmers, about 1000 jobs. Now fast code to split project provide free platform of enterprise, and to be managed enterprise charge 20% to 30% of the managed development. Fast code phone app will launch in July. Fast code app is, in fact, tasks, and through the platform for fast code is complete, the growth of the app will be published online with the diary.

back to the creative team, the creation of the fast code as the crowdsourcing model itself, co-founder of a total of three: CEO and CTO Zhu Xiongye, CMO vivi ho, the CBO Luo Qi fierce. The current team 11 people, 90% will be programming. Fast code in the past, once had the app platform and tourism project startup, founder Zhu Xiongye is a real serial entrepreneur.

if a program apes status because of the influx of a large number of fresh program apes led to wave after wave before death, so there is only a program apes mutual alliance can save ourselves, “is better to be bell”, is apt. “Rise of electric business to write code gap become the new business opportunities, but let the program behind the ape was ignored. So-called ideas change the world, by releasing process of apes, perhaps fast code can change the program the apes are the world.” Zhu Xiongye tell hunting cloud network.

at present, the fast code products have been launched, and version upgrade of continuous, 7 month app line at the meeting. Now the angel round. In the future through the activities and advertising promotion.