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it is reported that China has entered into an ageing population and rapid development period, the elderly population 169 million, accounting for 12% of the total population, of which nearly half of the old man belongs to the urban and rural empty nest family or type of empty nest family. Experts predict that by 2030 China’s aging population of nearly 300 million, while the proportion of empty nester family or will reach 90%. Zhao in 2012 as executive director of home endowment service company, deeply realize the huge group of empty-nesters helplessness in life, such as accident cannot inform, unable to find lost, etc. So he had founded a focus on the wisdom that occupy the home endowment and remote medical product research and development and service idea.

love obsession is guangzhou BaiYi information technology co., LTD., its products, founder zhao for the former President, soutec, is China’s independent intellectual property rights, GSM mobile phone r&d elites and initiator 3 gtdscdma industry alliance, was awarded “China top ten MBA entrepreneurial hero”, the title of “outstanding managers” world managers association. Co-founder Liao Yong consumer electronics division general manager, is a former jinpeng group in the field of product innovation, supply chain management, marketing has nearly 20 years of successful operation experience. At present, love caring team has 40, with guangzhou (software), shenzhen (hardware) two research and development base, and a number of independent intellectual property rights of patented technology.

fall in the love of caring is an ability to identify and automatically call for help old man smart watches, combined with cloud intelligent health applications, using multimode fusion, intelligent algorithm, realize the accurate positioning, emergency call, for help, and by a key location information push APP, the old man can convey their own emergency information, children can understand parents’ health at any time by phone APP, watch 7 * 24 hours continuously monitoring the heart rate at the same time, through the bluetooth technology, cooperate with equipment to achieve multi-dimensional monitoring body, the timely reminder risk, in addition, the love of caring watches have call function.

“love of caring is not a single hardware, it will take intellisense terminal as the core to build intelligent ankang iot cloud services platform, to achieve” the old man and the children’s connection “, “the old man and the community connections’, ‘family connection with services, health care for the old man’s safety problem provides efficient, convenient and economical solution, at the same time, it will rely on the wisdom of cloud service platform to build a new pension industry ecosystem, attract more social forces into the pension services.”

“because of love, so care. Love of caring is committed to intelligent sensing technology as the core, combined with cloud computing, Internet and communication technology, solve the problem of the old remote of safety and health care. Love obsession with products and services will be the focus in two fields: the safety and health and the old.” Liao Yong tell hunting cloud network.

smart apparel products at home and abroad for the old man is still in its infancy, less product, function is simple, more monitoring of physiological indexes is given priority to with heart rate, lack of physical data mining and analysis, some products are qualified health and safety prediction and early warning function, but low accuracy, poor wearing experience. Compared with the industry product, Liao Yong said love obsession with the biggest characteristic is to use operators iot technology, relying on medical expert team, according to the monitoring data of body to provide targeted health for the old special reports, online services, not only considering the safety of the old man care problem, and also see to the problems of the old man’s lack of emotional communication, realize “care” over a long distance.

hunting cloud network understand, love worry the users into wrist watch wearer and APP users, love caring S1 old man smart watches listed in December 2014, so far, the wrist watch is close to 10000 users, and the APP users more than 20000.

Liao Yong pointed out that the social problems of the old man’s attention is not enough, wearable smart products will take some market education process. They have plans to develop a variety of product form, at the same time to expand on the additional services.

love care team adhere to the combination of online promotion strategy. Online in the media with the operation of electric business platform promotion, offline through the exhibition, communities, and pension agencies conduct product experience activities. In the second half they plan to overseas market. “Intelligent terminal just entrance, data and the service will be our biggest business value.”

in addition, to hunt Liao Yong cloud network, said love caring now officially launched A round of funding plan.

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