(text/Tan Ziling)

way and the value of the produce relationship between strangers, far more than we think. So, in the stranger social field, also continues to happen in the new play. Hunting cloud network to introduce today, is a mobile social software based on face facial recognition function of strangers – cool face.

face to cool the core function is the user through the “brush face” looking for other users to carry out the interactive system according to the user’s head looks matching calculation, at the same time users can steal each other by interactive behavior such as gold, the use of props. Strange between users can’t directly to add as a friend, only to chat, gifts and other interactive behavior, make the system Settings of goodwill value between users rose to a certain degree, can be upgraded to a friend.

around face “brush” this behavior, the team designed a “show” and “appearance level”. The former is to allow users to display own “appearance”, gain more the attention of other users; The latter is to let users within a small game, voted for by each other appearance to the highest level.

at present, the domestic stranger social market “Momo oligopoly”, “meet” form the second tier and other products, as well as some three wire products based on O2O scene. Face of cool team found that the market exists the following problems:

1, friendships, fast food, most of the products “booty call” the taste is too heavy, formed a strong negative brand perception, cannot satisfy some users “just want to know people outside the circle of life” the light of requirements.

2, under the rules of search users, appearance, but high levels of users will be covered by a lot of information, the low level of appearance of the user even normal communication is difficult to get a response.

3, interactive ice difficult, most users lack the basic skills of ice, offline social dilemma didn’t get cracking after transfer to the Internet.

4, security issues, including geographic location privacy problem, stranger circle dating behavior is exposed to acquaintances, etc.

based on these problems, the team developed a face is cool, want to provide a fun, fresh strangers makes friends with security products at the same time. Wide, co-founder of the mo said, face to cool the target users focus on the meeting strangers who are interested in, but don’t want to be playing the “gun” label on this part of the crowd.

face is cool and the vast majority of strangers dating software on the market are differentiated. “Momo”, “meet” are based on LBS mobile social networking products, its purpose is to weak relations into the strong relations. Cool because of its feature set and face features, on the one hand, is that it is a entertainment products, on the other hand, through certain goodwill value accumulation of friends can be upgraded to rule, provides users with a process of mutual understanding.

the face cool android version online in May this year, the IOS coming soon. Improve the product in the near future, teams will be fully launched online and offline publicity in the third quarter. Mo is wide, points out that face to cool the commercial design path is still like most social products, namely realized user + platform.

hunting cloud network understand, face and cool team has 8 people, not widely served as a tool for domestic type of App development backbone, co-founder Lin Shichun has engaged in product research and development work in Ericsson. Face recognition technology consultant Guo Kai is EE Philadelphia university Phd, qualcomm identification research and development in the United States at present.

in addition, the mo tell hunting cloud network, the company by the founding team and fashion group, “the man is installed” magazine is a joint venture, with “the man is installed” strategic resources and promoting power injection, face to cool the demand for financing is not urgent. “User experience isn’t the best at present, products to focus resources is the key.” Mo said.