after a day’s work, Navneet Sharma, sitting on a home electric tricycle. On the road, he noticed a beautiful skirt, now can’t help fantasy girl friend put on it. So on the electric tricycle through the streets of bangalore, he used a smartphone took this skirt, hope home can find similar models on the Internet. However, the reality is cruel, he didn’t find anything, because he is difficult to describe the to find exactly what kind of dress.

this is contributed to the Sharma and his friend Debashish Pattnaik cooperation. Last June, they created in bangalore Aincubate Innovations company, want to design a product, fashions and collocation of visual search.

last September, the start-up launched SnapShopr this app. Later, Sharma and Pattnaik want to find other Indian visual search related services. “After several months of test, we realized that rather than continue to do a client app, is inferior to step forward to create a visual search platform.” Sharma said in an interview.

for five consecutive months after the test of SnapShopr finally took off the application of “shell”, to be a platform to provide technical tool for the online shoppers.

“initially, we just want to provide visual search service for fashion clothes. Now, we are gradually into fashion accessories and household act the role ofing is tasted.” Sharma said.

click and start shopping

I tried once SnapShopr launch on Google Play application. I click a like design, and then search on the application of other similar color design of dress or jacket. The app immediately to find out a lot of similar models, and can buy these clothes website links is given.

B2B model is the focus of SnapShopr company, make clothing, collocation and home decoration search in cooperation on the website and app.

at first, the start-up companies find it hard to explain to a potential customer use of this technology. As a new technology, there is no reference case make customers understand this technology help to their business. Sharma said with offline retailer’s retail technology companies, explain to them SnapShopr platform function is a more difficult matter.

however, in India’s largest electricity it announced the visual search after introducing its mobile app, SnapShopr promotion have appeared in the transit. It ViSenze partners is a Singapore company.

“it is very good for us, there are two main reasons. First, there is a big brand in using the same techniques; Second, we firmly believe that our technology is better than it.” Sharma said. Now the company can use it for reference, will SnapShopr selling to businesses. “We will now say, it do is this, but we do a better job.”

users when using it, you also need to choose products. Sharma said the step some trival, declared SnapShopr can immediately read image information, identify is this dress, jewelry or furniture. Sharma said: “our goal is to create a product, it can be like people’s understanding of the image.”

rival article

Mad Street Den is SnapShopr rival. The company founded in 2013, is a artificial intelligence, a startup has MADStack cloud computing platform. This platform can not only image recognition clothing, but also provide online shopping, mobile phone games, smiling face recognition and 3 d facial reconstruction, and many other functions. Earlier this year, the start-up has raised $1.5 million. Electrical business including Voonik and Craftvilla it cooperation.

SnapShopr current configuration on the online platform boot, preliminary experiment was carried out. The next development depends on the feedback and requirements of each platform.

in the Google Launchpad Week, SnapShopr was chosen as one of the 16 outstanding start-ups. Although the company is mainly provide technology stack for electricity company, by the end of this year, it still plans to launch SnapShopr client app.


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