a person’s life, there is a third of time is spent in morpheus, the importance of the bedroom, and with the improvement of modern living standard, the demand for the bedroom by simple survival function need to gradually shift to the pursuit of taste, “little smart” nest bedroom lamp which arises at the historic moment.

as a commitment to build the bedroom situation experience products, “small nest lamp” by color temperature, color, brightness, the model can control, build the “atmosphere of love and of the bedroom, aims to create different styles of bedroom situation experience, create new bedroom furniture category and more better experience way of life. According to skin rejuvenation, founder, on July 1, officially released “small nest lamp”, 21, has begun to jingdong the raise.

“saying ‘I love you’, small desk lamp will send out a nest of rosy red glow, whole bedroom is sending out the taste of love.” It was “a small nest lamp” build 22 kinds of different styles of one of the context of the bedroom is also in line with the skin revitalization founded originally “little smart” nest.

at the Great Wall, the sheng, Rapoo, Zivoo company from design to do management job, such as skin rejuvenation saw the traditional intelligent household life of the vertical niche space. “Bedroom intelligent desk lamp is cut into the intelligent household market is extremely suitable for products, first it is necessities, and dual attribute, home appliances and household.” And so the “little smart” nest bedroom lamp as the first selected product focus on research and development.

skin rejuvenation thought, intelligent hardware are a flash in the pan on the market, because it has not really grasped the core of the “smart” appeal, pseudo smart products. The real smart products are not just simple connected with the Internet, should be a direct interaction of people and products, and to achieve without mediation and simple operation, to create a new experience.

so, how to highlight the product features “small nest lamp”? Tell hunting cloud network skin rejuvenation, “little smart” nest in keeping the bedroom lamp lighting and manipulation of the simple properties, has the following three points:

one of, all the plates touch control, eliminate mechanical button. It is reported, by the “little nest lamp” won the global design award “the IF award and red dot award” of the winning team double knife design, and has set up a patent.

second, USES the SSP double MaiYuan speech technology, cooperate with the microphone matrix, independent noise reduction module, electricity within 5 meters distance voice recognition can be realized. According to skin rejuvenation, “little smart” nest can do it in more than 95% of effective speech recognition far field in the scene.

third, micro letter, App double manipulation. Hunting cloud network learned that this function plan in September with synchronous launch to sell products.

on the specific business model, skin rejuvenation insist on intelligent hardware products success or failure depends on the product itself, “little smart” nest lamp will be the breakthrough point, to lay a brand reputation, and gradually build based on the “atmosphere, taste, health” of the bedroom of the hardware and software services, and synchronous set up household/electrical chain, hotels, distribution channels, and based on this O2O operations.

competing goods, the main color design of millet Yeelight desk Lamp, LuziSmart Lamp table Lamp launch such as intelligence, intelligent Lamp market more and more be taken seriously, millet Yeelight desk Lamp, for example, physical buttons to add App control Settings for the color, the color temperature, brightness is adjustable. “Small nest lamp”, by contrast, voice recognition, WeChat control, whole chassis touching, replaceable chimney attributes such as on the basis of more convenient manipulation bring brand-new life experience for the user, and the technology improvement, intelligent household products the most need to be presented to the user is not the same lifestyle and taste.

skin rejuvenation to hunt cloud network said, “little smart” nest in product design, craft materials, functions, as well as advantages, but money is still a big problem at present stage, this will affect the product promotion and marketing channel building. It is understood that “little smart” nest has won one million investment level of seeds, formally launched at the present stage angel rounds of financing, financing demand at around 5 million.