recently, small cloud network exclusive hunting Jiang Ling founder technology to disclose more, know more customer service robots in July this year by tens of millions of A round of investment, the money will be used for recruitment, product research and development team. Previously, hunting cloud network reported.

saw Jiang Ling chengdu has nearly sunset, white table, black, green plant. Jiang Ling told hunting cloud network: “customer service is a don’t conform to the human nature of work. We hope that we can through the intelligent systems, solve the problem of ninety percent area, in the field of fast query of this kind of people are not good at, can even do better than people.” Call the light from the window, on his shoulder dizzy.

team first 5 people, tencent, baidu Google Internet industry was born. The team is a based on the industry’s most advanced machine learning and natural language processing technology, will learn online customer service robot, focus on side B of e-commerce services. Geared to the needs of users in addition to taobao, jingdong, such as traditional electricity, also hope that based on generic emerging platforms such as electricity, open up a new section.

online customer service is a new market, each big advertisement part-time customer service website is uninterrupted in recent years. Systematic management training and service team extremely high customer churn rate, is a headache for enterprise management of energy and cost. At the present stage xiao more customer service robots more than 10000 users. The case of unattended, order sell-through rate up to 30%, provide 24-hour online service. Little more science and technology of electrical goods class expand one by one, each field involved, one by one break line.

Jiang Ling said: “small taobao shop by xiao more customer service robot, one day can pick up more than 100 single, alone last year double tenth day robot automatic reception of more than 500 buyers. See a lot of such case feel very interesting, which is the source of power and accomplishment. “Xiao more customer service robot user retention rate is high, almost user not only, keep growing state. Because of the social circle of taobao shop owner overlap, a large part of customers come from word of mouth from spreading.

Jiang Ling as mentioned in the dialogue, through the way of phone conversations to get through the user demand is one of the most natural scene. Xiao next customer service robots will meet more detail letter, has establish cooperation relationship with the store. Micro store existing more than 3000 merchants, requiring the management of customer service ability. By the public, click enter the page of H5, smaller page view of the inconvenience the phone’s screen, makes more intelligent scene a new appeal. The future based on the public dialogue entrance, will buy complete self response function of be born, meet the needs of the users are more personalized. By xiao more customer service robots and the user’s docking, to complete the order process in the dialogue. Make business deals closed loop formed at the same time, can give more comfortable experience.

online customer service robot of barriers to entry for the player technology demand is higher, smaller than technology adhere to rely on products. Want to know before xiao how online customer service robot, taobao platform has been more than 20 service robot.

at present, a lot of small technology is talent stage, in the data mining, intelligent personnel are welcome to join big data.

company: chengdu smaller than technology co., LTD.