campus platform and the distance of the market, driving the campus market and many have great enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs of the bidirectional interaction. Campus convenience store is a subdivision, campus life at the present stage service platform is roughly divided into two kinds, one is life services platform, platform type have store, 59 m. Second, vertical life service platform, a distribution platform an to also send one meter, focus, fruit, strange convenient self-service electrical contractor. With 59 store in March 30 million A round of funding, curtilage meters are also tens of millions of dollars A + launched B round after round.

the first campus O2O convenience store is the battle of stroke in a competitive swimmers. The door head goods belong to own, about 10 warehouses in Shanghai has a point, each city has at least a central warehouse. The door head logistics are self-built, each warehouse is equipped with about three service personnel, to ensure the delivery speed. Head at the gate of the convenience store model mainly solves the delivery snacks to student dormitory last mile problem. Instant 5 launch at the end of the city that never sleeps, Shanghai finance investment for the project 10 million. At this stage the door head line micro letter client and a web version of the APP end has been set up is completed, is expected in September this year. At the same time introduce the college students Internet startup into the door head platform.

the door head CEO Liang Yongming said the door for offline resources integration and to the point of deep mining, do to B and C to business. For group a is FMCG businesses near school, the head will be offline to online campus surrounding resources integration. Second, the school has a demand of students.

the door head for each campus agent 1000 yuan loan as liquidity. Project profit comes mainly from B side, “to help small, with a large” Liang Yong confessed, “the early users to expand and consolidate the main job. The wool in dogs, pigs to pay.”

when it comes to promotion platform, various universities in big cities is a joint school, as mentors to the mobile interconnection within the business office and campus entrepreneurial companies. 2 it is itself a upstream resources, and brand manufacturers, supply to the market opening and real-time data. Goal is to build a similar to the logistics center service platform of life.

“students self-employment at present stage, they have a geographical advantage and personnel close sex, but facing the huge inventory of supply chain, their own experience, ability to create and supply given the limitations of this group is very big.” The door head CEO Liang Yongming told hunting cloud network.

“not the best, but I believe we are go the farthest. A set of complete supply chain system, continuous and healthy development strategy to support the us in doing this.”

the door head now in the stage of A round of funding, is expected to 20 million. Financing will focus on in the urban development and expansion, in the city to develop on the direction of choosing the main do two considerations. If there is a demand for a large consumer crowd, the second is whether there are suitable for cooperation with enterprises, its own survival a relatively complete brand line and industrial chain.

now in Shanghai, xi ‘an, hangzhou, chengdu, fuzhou, nanjing and other six cities built substations, xi ‘an as sites. Is expected by the end of this year to 20 cities, extended 50 city within 12 months. Currently online orders for 5000 single/day. CEO Liang Yongming, said team members by the initial 3 to 200 now, 30 core members, at the same time also welcome new members to join us.

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