today, radish car to hunt, founder and CEO TaoXinWu cloud network exclusive, according to the project since its establishment, the angel round totaled 5.1 million yuan. Including an Internet investment fund 3 million yuan of investment, and encourage employees to self-employment, holley group support to provide 1.2 million yuan investment in resources. At present, gong technology continues to access the Pre – A round of funding, and expected to be completed by the end of A round of funding.

TaoXinWu to hunt cloud network admitted that was scheduled for June 19th on taobao, the raise of radish car Mini swan version, for July taobao alibaba’s support for the raise super field and the optimization of effects such as product details, so the delay to July 6, online, in the morning, at the same time also won the taobao, the raise of the home page is recommended. According to the speed, cloud network that hunting at the end of the raise will break through 20 million.

radish car really is the meaning of the Robot, the Robot transliteration, rather than the title, such as thinking car, car body feeling it mainly to solve the problem of the short walking the last mile. Radish car is the smart car balance based on the concept of cloud in the first paragraph of the market, can realize the interaction between various application scenarios. Provides five kinds of operating mode switch: new safe speed limit protection, no electric power dragged, intelligent remote control independently implement unmanned, etc. Gong bligh technology after conducted extensive market research, with 1999 yuan of the raise price lit the consumers’ desire to buy, also completed the “rich man’s toy” itself to “public transport” of a successful positioning.

specific parameters are as follows:

radish car using the latest electric car industry electricity hybrid drive system, high ratio of lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium batteries safer than normal, long service life three times, and support the rapid charging for 1 hour. “Ride while charging” namely while driving, by charging the baolai, charging. Itself has a 10 km range, but also can extend the two charging treasure module, a module can be extended 10 kilometers, the highest support 30 km range.

it is worth mentioning radish car adopts modular design, TaoXinWu said: such as before engaged in electric vehicle research and development work, radish car design standard and electric vehicles. For reasons of stability and safety, radish car controller boxes, battery boxes, etc. With a standard modular design, cancelled all kinds of wiring.

cloud network hunting for the sake of portability, ask control rod can’t scale? TaoXinWu explained that steering rod can quickly remove the rotation can take off three times, can be placed in any the trunk of a car. If the belt scale would have clearance, safety and operation is affected, but also increase my cost. Currently USES is similar to the swan song of the design of the neck, that’s why named swan series. Tall bend can put his hand on a bit further, is a bit shorter can put his hand on the side close to the body, in line with the ergonomics design.

since have the title of “smart”, the function of richness is an important index to measure intelligence or not, but TaoXinWu seems don’t want too much, he convective cloud network said: radish car positioning for a mobile platform, just do the part of “mobile”, App and can be online upgrade firmware, so late can realize various extensions, not only limited to the camera, bluetooth, speakers, etc., can be superimposed according to actual needs, for example, can be achieved by adding camera remote control.

TaoXinWu radish car are introduced in the design of intelligent anti-theft security, including a battery pack, the controller box, with ID authentication, namely the parts serial number, will automatically detect circuit connection. In addition, the radish car and mobile phone number binding, using exclusive App launch, without the key, she may authorize a friend to borrow. Once lost, can report to the geographical position and even mobile phone number of the invaders. Maybe you thought about the same flash and mobile phones, said TaoXinWu experiments confirmed that the difficulty of the radish car forced flash is very big.

a little sadly, the product is designed to control within 15 kg weight, but the swan series in order to meet the requirements of road, in the face of a tough road environment, such as speed bumps, tire size and chassis have made the corresponding adjustment, weight exceeding all expectations. Hunting cloud network learned after the raise, unified retail price of 2999 yuan, this is the same as before rover series product pricing. TaoXinWu said the team would launch smaller size in later iterations upgrade version, trying to get the price down to 999 yuan, what can realize, let’s wait and see.

cloud network notice all the hunting raise gong bligh technology introduced a 15 999 yuan of limited edition, or less. TaoXinWu explained: this is consider the existence of professional brush single, simple to understand is the low price of set limit to their price for sale again. Therefore, an increase of 999 yuan of set limit to is meaningless for true fans, there is no a lot, but later will take form such as charging treasure, really let fans to save money.

team introduction

founder and CEO TaoXinWu participated in the 863 plan of two electric vehicle development project, was psa Peugeot Citroen’s research and development personnel, also participated in the margin of car plate of research and development, has more than 30 individual patent. Most of other team members is the colleague of holley group, there are also from baic, byd and other r&d staff of the company.

plans for the future development of

as mentioned above, radish car adopts modular design, by changing the exteriors components, adjust the size, the same as the building blocks can quickly to launch a new model, the second generation product after about three months can be listed. Hunting cloud network rover L6/about the electric scooters, for example, ask about the development of the related series radish car? TaoXinWu said, development of new products is relatively easy, but at this stage is going to in this area the deepening sense of body balance, occupy a relatively high technology. TaoXinWu also said that in addition to holley group and taobao, the raise of strategic cooperation, such as the core component of radish car controller by foxconn OEM production, and can get big help and support, the development of the team in the billions of intelligent travel market confidence will not affected by millet, etc.