(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

recently, the founder of XCAKE Song Xin told cloud network exclusive hunting, XCAKE completed at the end of June, the pre – A round of funding, financing amount is 5 million, funds will be used for team building, play offline for construction, product promotion and maintenance by the user. After 2 to 3 years, XCAKE have compulsory service in chengdu children welfare home, at the end of each month for the children there free to send a birthday cake.

as the founder and CEO, Song Xin was in 108 in chengdu chafing dish, independent of the chengdu local hot-pot restaurant in tianjin, a successful business for 10 years. Based on the traditional food industry experience, Song Xin don’t think Chinese food is one of the characteristics of standard, the other is tastes are not fixed. And cake as west point, regardless of the ingredients, percentage, time, or taste, can control, compared with the traditional restaurants, baking product of a long life.

XCAKE is a O2O cake order platform, originally aimed at B end users, at the beginning of this year XCAKE C end user oriented, advocating “millet product + UBER mode” – first of all, to absorb the user “cost-effective”, further open the market; Second, compared with the login website to register before they buy, XCAKE WeChat platform is developed, to simplify the ordering process.

order platform, in addition to the official website and WeChat products, such as bulk synchronous on-line Meituan and public comments on the portal. At present, XCAKE average monthly order quantity is controlled in 1200, and rise at the rate of 50% a month, user a total of 3-40000, among them, the high frequency complex bought nearly 600 users.

XCAKE sold only 20 are cake, are produced by imported ingredients, price divided by number of pounds to 69 yuan, 99 yuan, 149 yuan and 99 yuan. Category updated by the end of the knockout, sales volume in the five cakes will be pulled from the shelves, quickly added by the new category.

cake by imported kraft paper packaging, packaging of the upper for the transparent plastic board, the user can check to see if the cake is in good condition in the first time. In addition, equipped with a free stainless steel knife and fork, candles, matches, cake shovel, etc.

on distribution services, XCAKE self-built logistics team, and adherence to the KPI assessment, delivery staff dressed in uniform, the user order can be delivered within 4 hours after, just beyond the delivery time for 1 minute, cake has defects, such as poor taste, users can enjoy free of charge.

in addition, XCAKE customer service staff also need to accept the KPI assessment, and enjoy the option, Song Xin believe that customer service in the service users, must be the sense with the boss friend’s phone and identity, from the user’s point of view, XCAKE user accounts for 70% to 70% of women, age in 20 to 30 years old, female users more care about the service details.

Song Xin tell hunting cloud network, the user demand for cake is no longer confined to the birthday, these festivals, like valentine’s day, mother’s day and so on cake often in short supply, that is to say, users buy higher frequency of the cake, it was more like a similar gifts of food, and the meaning that people buy to share.

so, in the promotion of the above, XCAKE intends to open a bakery’s weekly in WeChat platform, and regularly run salon baking, bake for talent activities fall to the ground.

in addition, XCAKE also will continue to optimize the user experience:

first, the user shallow participation — offer personalized selection module, create pure custom cake, give users to choose;

second, moderate users participate in open – play offline baking experience shop, make XCAKE cake DIY, leisure activities, baking exchange sites, superposition affection factors, and share in the cake;

third, depth user participation, in the competition of baking baking’s mother. In addition, some users is baking talent and core fans, these users can participate in design and are rewarded and bounty, be cake designer.

Song Xin tell cloud network, hunting XCAKE is currently only in chengdu region to carry out the service, in the city will be in two, three, four line laying offline experience store, to do the cake brand national consumption, investigate its reason, two, three, four cities lack of higher-end cake quality brand, the existing cake shop O2O mode is extremely weak, XCAKE through standardization and the new business model output, rapidly up to the national market.

in terms of competition, Song Xin think cake has certain regional brand, the higher the market share around the mostly originated in the local brand, XCAKE will first do a good job in sichuan market.

in terms of team, except Song Xin COO Peng Yuhuai worked at “chicken” in chengdu, chengdu President “circle”, etc.; In addition, as a market and founding team member and the CTO luo sword, advisers to the company’s total.

it is understood that after the accumulation of more large user data, XCAKE will launch A round of funding.