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in the tuyere delivery market, especially in university life service platforms are new competitors to join. 59 store and home meters one after another to obtain new financing, and had never appeared in public “moment” to cloud network exclusive hunting today revealed that the company has won hundreds of millions of yuan in early 2015, angel financing. Money will be used for further expansion of colleges and universities, is about to enter college, hangzhou and nanjing focus on providing high quality services to users in the first place.

moment send fast to send member are full-time distribution, focus on the last mile distribution accurately. And to be a moment to send fast to send, through offline recruitment, and through the militarized management training, in order to solve the distribution is not professional and delivery speed will lead to a poor user experience. Information quickly to send employees count for examination and assessment, the speed distribution control in 30 minutes, ChanGuo per day.

in order to solve the distribution link of effect and the user experience problems, such as, different from traditional crowdsourcing logistics mode, time to send the concentration distribution is science community business focus and scientifically separated after agglomeration take-away, according to the building of a single amount to specialized personnel, war zone management, after long-term exploration formed its own set of product model. This model is to solve the last mile delivery accurate distribution problem.

time to send the co-founder of xiao-yong huang to hunt cloud network said that they do to and B to C business, at the same time also and hungry, Meituan cooperation, these platforms are relatively drainage effect, but only in respect of fees charge fees from the B side, compared with the general merchants to hire delivery staff, and the time to send cooperation will reduce the cost. To the merchants of different specifications have different cooperation mechanism, on the choice of business at the same time, the moment has its own set of standards, and offline on-the-spot investigation statistics for screening.

xiao-yong huang said, pragmatic focus the last mile distribution and expansion of the new site can be profitable in the short term and scalable extension appears to be the time to send two big advantages. By way of scientific and reasonable distribution for merchants to provide integrated operational solutions. But still it is important to note that the last mile distribution industry in the rapid development also faces the delivery staff, delivery speed slow, poor user experience, business problem such as distribution costs is high, the distribution is not professional. , xiao-yong huang said, in the face of such a large market, the need to find their own way, focus on the quality of services to efficiently manage the staff will be the team to solve their problems.

moment send now focus only do take-away food distribution, September is about to launch the APP can provide users with better service, also can efficient management business and distribution.

at present moment send mainly geared to the needs of city is Shanghai, in the second half of the year will be expanded to hangzhou, nanjing and other colleges and universities. The core members of our team by a group full of passion and dream after 90, as well as veterans, xiao-yong huang said he was a military 8 years later demobilized soldiers.

about the status quo, xiao-yong huang, according to the current moment send alone has broken all the day. For future expectations, xiao-yong huang also said not see a single volume, but improve the quality of service, rhythmic, and go further.

at present, the time is about to start the Pre – A round of funding.

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