Today, focus on anonymous lending between friends mobile social financial platform “friend fei” founder hua-wei wang told cloud network exclusive hunting, has completed 10 million yuan angel financing earlier this year. For the purpose of this round of funding, hua-wei wang said it had in the team building, market promotion, new product research and development, etc. At the same time, is also considering A round of funding.

founder and CEO hua-wei wang has worked in China hewlett-packard co., LTD., standard chartered bank, proficient in Internet finance and wealth management. Founded in March 2014, micro cast HuiRong (Beijing) network technology co., LTD., founded “the world” – the first domestic [daily dividend] P2C Internet financial platform. This year, “friend fei” company’s creation, the App is launched on July 1. The team currently 40 people.

“friend fei” is a based on trust between friends mobile social financial applications, as a result of the associated mobile phone address book, user within the circle of friends, according to the working condition of circle friends, trust degree, daily behavior, personality habits, repayment ability, the judgment of the comprehensive factors such as income, according to their wishes to my friends define different credit rating (the highest line of credit to a single friend for 50000 RMB, can credit a combination of 500000), his idle funds through friends friends Fan Pingtai lend money demand, and can obtain a certain range. Committed to protect the interests of the lenders and also eliminate borrowers face problems.

users can fan App from friends friends circle, how many friends saw themselves as credit and credit amount, but does not know accreditor is which friend in the address book. When users need the money, you can ask their friends a loan offer, borrowing limit according to the level set by the platform to realize, if credit has never been friends before, the user can only borrow 200 yuan on the platform, borrowing and credit is closely relative to the number of friends. Borrowing period is half a month to six months, interest rate is 5% – 15%, according to oneself circumstance is set by the borrower. Also, the user can also in their cash-rich period, to their credit and loan anonymous trust friend. Anonymous credit, loan offer, lend invitation is “friend fan” has three major functions.

compared with the traditional P2P network model, friend van loan function innovation is a one-way anonymous and the integration of two-way anonymous mode. One-way anonymous or selected lenders to borrowers have had credit behavior, lenders can see the basic information of the borrower; Through friends and the borrower fei choose at least two lenders, which is unable to conclude that a friend lent him. Two-way anonymity is when the selected lenders to borrowers have credit behavior, lenders would not be able to see the basic information of the borrower; The borrower also don’t know who is the lenders.

in addition, yeepay friends fan using third-party payment platform to pay, borrowing money both users are in yeepay account, friend fan is not with money, for the user, which guarantee the safety of funds. When loan expire, “friend fei” will first message do remind reimbursement, if overdue for more than 72 hours, the platform will by lenders reminder, mistake on the platform website for default, credit behavior, release to the circle of friends friends “social bomb”, money in the form of legal assistance and security guarantees.

unlike previous credit mode of passive and complicated procedures, friends Fan Pingtai broke the previous banking or credit to an individual, financial benefits and costs of passive credit fixed mode. At the same time, borrowers and lenders can mutual credit on the platform, through the platform can realize the free agreed deadlines, etc. This free credit mode, enable lenders to get rid of the cumbersome process to improve profits, get rid of the high borrowing costs reduce the pressure of loan borrowers, from past two sides to turn things around “double kui” as a “win-win”.

when it comes to business model building, hua-wei wang said that when the user through the platform successfully borrow money, the platform will charge 1% – 1% service charge. In addition, also in lead user behavior at the same time as well as the income derived from social platform of value-added services, etc.