(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

recently, McGrady endowment co-founder He Wei told cloud network exclusive hunting, McGrady endowment from Beijing in June this year being an angel round up with crossing the vc investment, and funds will be used for recruiting team, product research and development, and set up a subsidiary in Beijing, Shanghai. Earlier, in the medium, McGrady endowment debut, and was rated as the most investment value of the project first.

the other it is understood that Beijing with cross the venture capital is a focus on early risk investment institutions, investment focus on mobile medical and health field. Founding managing partner Christine (rong-hui wu), has seventeen years of risk investment and enterprise management experience, a former director of Intel’s investment in China. Founding partner of Chao (jun-chao zhao), has 12 years of risk investment and technology research and development experience, a former former LB investment director China direct investment, safe investment manager, and Agere Systems, advanced integrated circuit designers.

according To cloud network understanding, hunting on the product To B’s strategy, the core of McGrady endowment for health cloud, in which the old terminal by older intelligent hand ring, intelligent gateway, intelligent mattress, nurse nurse terminal by intelligent hand ring, intelligent gateway, nurse PAD, intelligent device, smart glucose meter, intelligent weighing machine, children for the mobile terminal WeChat application, management platform for Web applications.

among them, all hardware (including smart wearable devices, electronic blood glucose meter, etc.) are all channels and sources of help health cloud data collection, the collected data is applied in: fall alarm and missing alarm, away from the bed at night not to alarm, electronic health records, etc. Through data collection, sorting and analysis, we can more accurately applied in physical index early warning, and the old routine health management, and applied to the management of chronic diseases in the future.

at the same time, McGrady endowment To two or morethings To C strategy, To launch “good parents mobile desktop” – wheat desktop, older mobile phone users against pain points, change numerous for brief, integrated part To B business, build health management assistant, parents do parents medical assistant. McGrady endowment combines hardware and software, two sets of strategies complement each other, eventually to the wisdom of the elderly users to provide comprehensive pension solutions.

after McGrady endowment has with vanke, Allianz insurance group (Allianz), and other large pension institutions at home and abroad reached a strategic cooperation agreement, and on the project such as vanke, happy family, oak will carry out the depth cooperation. In addition, McGrady endowment solution also won the industry giant fosun high attention in real estate, the two sides are to speed up the exploration depth cooperation mode.

it is understood that after completion of this round of financing, McGrady endowment will speed up the layout of the key cities, actively expand the national pension market.