(text/Liu Sijing)

recently, only repair the remit co-founder Zhou Qiao exclusively to hunt cloud network, according to repair the transfer has been completed in June 10 million yuan only angel round, invested by Beijing with magnetic department asset management co., LTD., valuations are nearly hundred million.

Not Vipshop, this is “wei hui”. Although the pronunciation on there but the industry is very different, wei hui is an Internet service platform, currently from home appliances category, service projects include: installation, maintenance, maintenance, secondary processing, etc.

when a user in the wei hui’s website or user WeChat aboard the public after the repair, the system will according to the geographical location, the repair type, the user to select automatically optimize the assigned technician door-to-door service, and can monitor and track all after-sales service process, and the final validation completed evaluation of services by the user. Only the link set up after-sales service of nearly 100000 SKU data standards, to ensure service and accessories price is transparent to the user.

only collect online in May this year, at the end of June, nearly 200 technician to join. Only repair technician team into cooperation technicians and part-time technician, technician should be filtered and professional training to mount guard. Cooperation technician has the stable work order number, part-time technician can use their spare time order, when it comes to part-time technician may appear problem, co-founder Zhou Qiao said: “for part-time technician, we will set up reasonable and sufficient reserves, in case of order no one accepts the case.”

in the traditional service industry, electrical home appliances after-sales existing pattern has two kinds: “users, distributors, manufacturers, network – technician” and “user, maintenance network telephone, and technicians. This two patterns will cause problems: service chain is too long, intermediate service disconnect, interest intercept; Chaos to offer to the customer, maintenance process problems; Technicians work order is not stable, lack of service consciousness.

Zhou Qiao think, compared with the traditional industry competitors, only collect more emphasis on user experience and services, services more; At the same time, the decrease of the intermediate links, not only reduce the user cost of after-sale also increase the income of technicians. For the Internet service industry, fix the hui do not only simple work order information docking, more emphasis is the user experience is given priority to, home service for the user.

co-founder Zhou Qiao is a serial entrepreneur, who founded the 52 pk (vertical network media), shows a time machine, pipi elf (the largest since the media service provider). According to hunt cloud network understanding, wei hui team existing 30 people, is still under expansion.

at this stage, only collect will not charge any additional fees to users, users only need to pay the cost of technician repairs and accessories. Future wei hui plan in value-added service and a lot of cash flow and other business profit targets.

it is understood that wei hui is expected in August in Beijing, professional client App will launch and put into use, and will be in the original services on the basis of strengthening investment in maintenance, cleaning and other value-added services and construction.