today, intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder meow small pupil co-founder Yang Bo to cloud network validation, hunting too firebird, rice, buttonwood capital TongWei bright angel financing totaling nearly 5 million yuan, the seed round of investors for the angels bay. The product during the CES show in Shanghai by the main display too firebird, acclaimed. Product is scheduled at the end of this month for trial production, to mass production in August. Currently meow small pupil is working on A round of funding, the proceeds will be used in the overseas market and international cooperation.

after the name of vehicle traveling data recorder dubbed “smart”, how can on real? Meow small pupil in the smart light social concept, introduced above, and can bring what?

small pupil “meow” intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder by nanjing startup meow star science and technology from the independent research and development, integration of independent communication module, 360 degree panoramic camera, remote control APP, specially add “cool, light social” function. Owners can use the APP to remote operation of small pupil meow, control camera rotate 360 degrees look around, see the car and the surrounding conditions at any time. At the same time bring communication module and portable WIFI function, can provide live and convenient function of social sharing. On driving record browse and security, in light of the experience of the vehicle traveling data recorder for a lot of optimization, meow small pupil support map model of driving records and emergency broadcast quickly, without having to take card can quickly restore the scene of the accident.

the so-called light social function, meow star science and technology combined with the user scenarios, with small pupil “meow” for the terminal, design based on LBS lighter social function. Yang Bo admitted that the early stage of the design on the form of more, but considering the driving security, the more directly the game is “lamp signal”, mobile terminal can also according to the “same models” or “the same drives for city dating.”

the above-mentioned live and share function, Yang Bo introduced by two kinds of scene model. One: the control to the co-pilot, due to the integration of independent communication module, the user can see each other, the second: the owner a person while driving, the setting of wireless keyboard shortcuts and owner for a key to grasp and quickly share to my friends. Click on the pictures, long press to record a short video, and the car outside can follow switch.

as for the traffic share considerations, meow small pupil said user density is large enough, the natural can cause qualitative change. That is the case, the traffic is in real-time change, only the user base is large enough, can produce substantial reference Suggestions, relative to the GPS now, red and green line shows the vehicle density, congestion appears more intuitive. Can even join the speech function, automatically according to the traffic information under interconnected relations, planning a more efficient path.

meow small pupil want to do is actually the generic car light a kind of social life, let owner interact with more people, including drivers and drivers, passengers and the people around you. The current generation of products can realize rotate 360 degrees look around, the second generation product also will introduce vertical movement up and down, to further expand the visual range. Meow small pupil also have received some Asian countries, there are still some government agencies, car companies and domestic car networking organization cooperation invitation.