on July 29 (word/yan-mei wu)

“will find their own future when you are young is a kick-ass person, I think I would be. So we have endless energy.” This is yuan fei (hereinafter referred to as the elder brother of the yuan, the actual is a sister) said the most let me goosebumps. 90 yuan of elder brother has been out of the cell phone taobao alibaba marketing created his own company, made a Shared economy selling time S2C APP “occasionally”, ordinary people get very serious fund, jiuhe ventures angel investment about 6 million yuan, and will start looking for the next round of financing in August.

when she interviewed yuan elder brother is ill, has been a slight cough, but she worked hard to endure, and clear about their own products, when talked about once in a while and his recent experience feeling laugh too confident and satisfied.

is a emotional pouring occasionally service platform

“occasionally is a based on the business of selling time online S2C App, the biggest characteristic is to create a new part-time job opportunities, to solve the emotional appeal of the common people” yuan Philippines so evaluate your products. Users can buy platform oxygen time to solve your boring of the Lord, pour out secrets, emotion between the worry, anguish of work trough points, etc need to pour out the problem. Users can choose on the square of oxygen, can also through rapid chat chat with oxygen Lord rob unitary.

this is a Shared economic platform, but how do we determine it is a high frequency of consumption and guarantee the quality of service after the high speed development. Yuan said: “emotional consultation itself is a just need market, ordinary people just need a simple company, from adolescence children of loneliness in old age, need to accompany, one-on-one talk to let users more secure, show her true side. At the same time, through to the oxygen main rating and on the renewal rate of examination to quality of service, wide into severe out.” Currently in oxygen top-up currency to exchange time, three yuan 30 oxygen COINS, chat about half an hour’s time.

at the time of trial products, the author found that the oxygen Lord is mostly crowd around the age of 18 to 25, yuan said users can be called the natural flow of the ages that highly active users, the users are mostly in this age range, mainly for the adolescent small contradictions, chasing girls and break up, as long as oxygen advocate in the life experience, patience, and there are some communication can solve all these problems. Now product positioning for emotional pouring service platform, the future will gradually to recruit more experienced people to act as oxygen, but the final product positioning is not specific experience in planning, but an emotional pouring class platform. This is the elder brother of the yuan have been emphasized one thing with me.

by such a person how do online communication docking products with the nature of the social, however, yuan brother say no. “This product is a S2C product, the service and operation of products. Commodity nature of the service itself not bring offline of social transformation, platform in the future also will not build this entrance.”

in addition to the above product information, the creation and the creator of this product itself is more story.

you heard of fighting girl and her team for

as the text first said, the elder brother of the yuan is mobile phone taobao former employees of the Marketing Department, but her aura of alibaba, I want to talk about her past experience. The university entrance exam the submitted papers that moment he joined the army of entrepreneurship, registered the first 19 an advertising company, get the foreign graduate student and chose to go to taobao taobao offer. Annual performance appraisal points as a team, dissatisfaction with the requirements of the self, the elder brother never survived 3 years to become a man ali, in double 11 chose to leave that day, a man came to Beijing business.

just think how many people were living boiled frog, and then weave in the daily necessities. Some people say that I don’t have a dream, I want to stir but no direction, yuan said: cherish each point in your life, you’ve never thought that one day these points in series into a line and a thorough breakdown of your brain, found himself really want to do, go to your world.

her partner from tencent, baidu, blue cursor, etc., as well as her college’s right-hand man and taobao sell virtual time is a little red. All team members have some working experience and fast learning ability, “entrepreneurial teams need to be able to quickly run up”. I’m curious yuan brother how to solve the short-term to form a team of internal running-in problems, yuan brother say learned in ali a recruit, i.e., any decision, everyone fully express their views, agree after back to perform.

girl combat experience

yuan brother investment is very smooth, liabilities, three hundred thousand to set up the team first, and then start looking for investment, saw seven in total investment institutions, there are five shots, and finally determine three, from the beginning when it comes to finalise it only took two weeks. But the author understood as “all are man-made” smoothly. Yuan brother good 7 people full-time team, analyzing the data with time selling taobao shop, take a product demo, cross the rubicon to investors, I summarize three words: to summarize the successful financing for its highly efficient executive ability within the circle of + + firmly determined to solid data.

when it comes to the understanding of the market and the final choice, yuan brother said, “in fact, have been on the market demand of time selling and emotion just study, one day seems to have all the problems together, my brain seemed to be breakdown, found himself really want to do. Direction to find, I can in a short period of time will be All in All things, it is also learned in ali way.”

what is the most worry about a thing yuan brother? She said the most fear becoming a team of the ceiling, because CEO mastery of direction is so important. Yuan brother gets up at half past five now, insist on weibo clock in, about a foreign teacher to learn English, reading three books a week, work to again later also can do introspection self checking, she has a lot of small notebook, updated daily to do list, work notes, reading notes, inspiration notes, classify.

the last to share the occasional APP, launched in April, has now accumulated tens of thousands of pen pay orders, 10000 + oxygen to the Lord.

you heard of fighting girl, dream not go out, go forward is not afraid.