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today, focusing on the mother group fitness O2O project “barbie hot mama” misia to hunt, founder of the cloud network exclusive, according to the project for China’s famous actor huang xiaoming personal millions yuan angel investment. Misia also disclosed to hunt cloud network, then there will be a prominent angel investment institutions to millions of yuan to vote. Hunting cloud network will also be tracked barbie hot mama finance information in detail.

misia tell hunting cloud network, the financing agreement signed on July, 1st, the money will be used for the expansion of the city, the team of recruiting, running and promotion of products, etc. Barbie hot mom on June 1 in micro letter online platform, is a “disintermediated” one-to-one appointment coach service platform. But different from other “instead of” project, barbie hot mama segmentation of consumer groups to “mother”, service projects include postpartum recovery, body shape, body adjustment, and has its curriculum system, training system, evaluation system and professional certification.

in terms of personal choice, barbie hot mama help user control, strict admission and knockout. Barbie hot mama when choosing coach requires not only professional skills and rich experience, but also have high level of appearance, high emotional intelligence and moral quality standards, at the same time attaches great importance to the postpartum fitness professional skills of the coach. It is reported that by the end of the platform manager today has more than 100.

it is worth mentioning that barbie hot mama now with beaver comprehensive strategic cooperation, become the first choice in the brand, users in beaver family App page can see personal trainer zones, users enter the coach zone can make an appointment for personal training gym door. Recent barbie hot mom will also hand in hand to pay for health bracelet brush bracelet and metro intelligent automatic vending machine from li hui all-round cooperation.

it is reported that huang xiaoming, except for investment barbie hot mama also invested in addition a fitness class project “hot fitness”. Visible star investors for fitness programs, exercise the momentum of this field is increasingly fierce, the hunting cloud network reported “jas cool card” and “hot” respectively to get the big financing, barbie hot mama of this round of financing do enough preparation for grab market cake.